Today, the highest temperature of 0 C ice snow showers tomorrow the temperature return to -20 DEG C-restorator

Today, the highest temperature of 0 C ice snow showers tomorrow the temperature return to -20 c life daily news November 26th two days over the weekend, ice cold air will turn dominate, urban air temperature fluctuations. Saturday day, due to the warm air, Harbin urban highest temperature reaches 0 degrees Celsius, but from Sunday to Monday, the cold air will return to the city the most menacing, low temperature -20 degrees celsius. This Friday ice and suffered haze V, a plurality of monitoring points is moderate pollution. Day 16, Harbin meteorological observatory issued a yellow warning signal: haze on Friday night to Saturday during the day, the atmosphere of stable structure in Harbin area, is not conducive to the spread of pollutants, the urban area and the District, county (city) will appear moderate haze. Expected, the provincial Environmental Monitoring Center Station of the Harbin, Daqing, Saturday, Suihua, Qitaihe city and the surrounding with moderate to severe pollution, serious pollution of the local possible short-term, from Sunday to Monday may appear short of moderate pollution, the primary pollutant PM2.5. According to Harbin weather experts are expected Saturday to Sunday afternoon, Harbin has snow, but the water vapor condition is not sufficient, little snowfall, but the temperature fluctuated may cause the snow into ice, some impact on residents travel. The next three days, cold air will affect our province, the province from west to east there is a snow weather process, most of the province to snow, southern Yichun, Eastern Harbin, Western Jiamusi have small to moderate snow snow, the temperature dropped slightly. The weather is fine, the temperature low. Harbin weather forecast 26 cloudy snow showers are 0 DEG ~-12 DEG 27 DEG ~-16 DEG -5 to clear snow 28 days -5 ~-21 OC相关的主题文章: