Three minutes of full power centralized charging station – Interpretation of resurrection Lifan

Three minutes of "full power" centralized charging station – Interpretation of resurrection Lifan automobile Sohu Sohu E electric car park [] as more and more consumers choose to buy electric cars, the charging time is too long and because there is no trouble? Now there are many car companies hope from the user’s perspective, hoping to launch better charging solutions, and Lifan and peak energy centralized switch station can be launched to make electric cars as gas, only need 3 minutes, can be full of "power" of the resurrection. Summary: the new energy car owners, charging is always the most headache matter, but with the development of new energy related industries, the future service of new energy vehicles will be more and more perfect, more convenient. Although for electric service there are many places that need to be improved and how will the future will change by the electrical service to consumers, but also urgently need to solve the problem, but at least can also let consumers have hope. The first centralized charging station Lifan can also charge for nearly 16000 batteries, can be provided for electric service every day for 2000 new energy vehicles. The central station, there are 2 Lifan building, will soon have 3 seats to start construction, and plans in 50 years built a distributed charging station.相关的主题文章: