This year, the Bajau people’s children doing! Sohu –incubus

This year, the Bajau people’s children doing?! Mother Pu Pulan – Sohu picture book shop at the beginning of the "child" Bajau people properly brush the screen inside the illusion fairyland pictures were taken last May in Semporna Peng Yi ~ "so, this year, in the summer of 2016, the Bajau are children and what’s going on with. We shot a look at it. Yes you are not wrong, they look at is the Po Po blue picture book "Adorable" issue, because "Bajau are children" led to a lot of books to the local travel enthusiasts, in order to better reception China tourists, Semporna Bajau people’s children need some Chinese knowledge, so it seems —-. This is their "Adorable" final choice. "Pu Pulan book" Adorable "magazine was founded in September, has been issued directly overseas — not only in Semporna, Malaysia region exclusive agent Lin Youshun kiss picture book shop in Malaysia kindergarten teachers also extended to subscribe to our monthly books. Of course, in the more distant places, "the promotion and issuance also help us monthly picture books in the German mother exchange group", in order to match the picture across the seas sailing, let the Chinese in Europe and at the same time to the domestic reading picture books, we even monthly special advance printing part to the distribution of overseas distribution area. Guess what this is? — yes, the German town of Hanau, is the hometown of Green brothers! We are very grateful to the customers of all regions of the world because of their reliance on the Po brand, and we will use the best monthly product to repay each reader. Whether across the mountains or rivers, in the global Chinese region, we will meet you and the issue of picture books. P.S. special thanks to Mr. Hu Jianghua, Ms. Song Lu, Mr. Lin Youshun photo magazine subscription, the latest news Pu Pu Lan monthly picture book readers, two of the gifts we gave you has confirmed, October will certainly be delivered to your hands. Givenchy – tableware box — monthly storage box – small picture only envy look, I don’t speak ~ ~ (> _< BUT), personal annual subscription readers need to press the identification of the two-dimensional code or click on the [read] to subscribe, and monthly gifts will be sent to your hands Oh ~ AND for the convenience of readers can subscribe to more customers nearby area agent Pu Pu Lan "Adorable" online magazine picture book will in the future WeChat to introduce.相关的主题文章: