They are ‘swollen’, because of the apple muscle!-yvette yates

They are ‘swollen’, because of the apple muscle! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! (text: beauty expert Hou Dianju micro-blog) recently in micro-blog Christine Fan drying out a group of their own to participate in the Golden Melody Awards photos, she uploaded photos also caused no small waves, especially the body photos, photos of Christine Fan light makeup, facial swelling, looked like a face. Facial swelling can not tell where the feeling is strange, but she seems to change a face like a face to face with dimples almost did not change even full look you will find her apple muscle becomes strange. Unlike previous photos, Christine Fan’s expression is slightly richer and a little bit of Apple muscle will look super plump! The original cause of the ‘face’ is actually the apple muscle! They’re all swollen! They are ‘swollen’ why do you want so plump Apple muscle? You look younger! The most important point is that Apple’s muscle is young, such as the vitality of the girl Ivy Chen, naturally full of Apple muscle so that she looks like a girl in her twenties. Ivy Chen baby laugh when the apple muscle is charming, no wonder a lot of people plastic template ~ baby Lin Chiling, is still full of apples to muscle in his forties she twenty years old young Lin Chiling of Apple muscle will increase with age, Apple will slowly lead to muscle atrophy, apple muscle becomes no longer round tight, you will see the apple muscle lines no longer rise, is very old. Of course, everyone will love atrophy plump Apple muscle shriveled down, you don’t want to be a small friend called aunt! So the remedy will come out, one of the most common and most easily lead to swollen face is probably a needle of hyaluronic acid! Because hyaluronic acid is absorbed by human body, so doctors in general are dosage injection of hyaluronic acid, also led to a large swollen face, such as Christine Fan. After the recovery period will naturally turn back to the same feeling of a girl. The recovery period during the recovery period of hyaluronic acid micro plastic advantage is what? Hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients can stimulate the proliferation of bone collagen and locking moisture in the skin, make skin full of elasticity and luster, and has high compatibility, no residue in the body, is not prone to rejection of allergic reaction. Micro plastic hyaluronic acid is widely used in the following three aspects. Face filling human aging will cause the subcutaneous tissue will appear with age, depression, nasolabial folds, hyaluronic acid for facial filler, widely welcomed. Nose, chin Feng for hyaluronic acid injection rhinoplasty, chin Feng, fast molding, no surgery, no pain. Because of age, smoking, wrinkle sleeping squeeze and gravity traction, will cause the decrease of dermal collagen and elastic fibers, the formation of facial relaxation, through the injection of hyaluronic acid can effectively solve all kinds of wrinkles. Postoperative reminder: 1, if you want to eliminate the wrinkles around the eyes, can only direct injection of hyaluronic acid, because the eye can not anaesthetize. 4 hours after injection in 2, not to touch water, don’t sweat greatly,.相关的主题文章: