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These are the delicacy chowhound who loved you love city? Lead: real chowhound, both Hotel vision, also know little restaurant fun. Both longing Taicai gluttonous, also obsessed with the taste of food. These are the domestic city chowhound who loved the delicacy which you, love? (source: Lotto travel Author: Le Tujun) public concern number are cavity tune ", see more wonderful original content! Guangdong Chaozhou France Lotour travel traveler jean size three inspiration recommended mention Chaozhou, most people will think of beef balls, is the famous Chaozhou beef ball, but Chaozhou local snacks more charming. If you come to Chaozhou, please bring three stomach, you can eat a week not heavy. The price of each snack is not expensive, one hundred, you can eat up. How to eat? Come with me。 Chaozhou is located in the West Lake side of the town on rice noodles do not need beef offal, advertising, people queuing in a continuous line every day. In addition to learned tourists, local people also like to eat rice noodles here. Visit West Lake, come here to eat a bowl of rice noodles beef offal, is an important person in Chaozhou began to enjoy a day of life. Bowl a bowl of 25 yuan, 20 yuan in the bowl, small bowl 15 yuan, there are beef, tripe, beef, beef balls in different parts of cattle. With bean sprouts, Hunan, with strong bone soup, sprinkle with South ginger powder, is the most authentic taste. Could not help but eat a light, soup is not to give up. Eat a bowl of bowl, stomach has been met. Beef offal rice nooles Chaozhou St. Paul Street, around the snack. Such as the pancake, a small hand, but a little vague. Golden skin, wrapped with material, sprinkle with sesame outside, lubricious fragrance all have, want to make people unable to restrain the emotions take on a crisp and delicious taste, put it in your mouth. This is Chaozhou Street salt cake. Chaozhou people are used to make food called rice cake. With Rice noodles and steamed Deguo, shape small, middle concave, and then fill in radish as the main ingredients. Chaozhou dried turnip, called preserved vegetable. Cut into granular, fry, extremely delicious. This house is particularly popular, because selling aunt took a small stove, above the cook with preserved vegetables, preserved vegetable heat has been maintained, and constantly turning the boiling in the pot, the taste is more intense. A spoonful of preserved vegetable, with a cake, became salt cake. A 5 yuan, eat a full stomach. Especially suitable for afternoon tea to eat. This is a cake with preserved vegetables saltwater fish, not strictly speaking is Chaozhou cuisine, but the integration of the Chaozhou people’s ideas, and the taste is good, have to recommend. A large enough to eat the weight of six people, only $158. Fish fillet full shop at the top of the underground filled with various materials, respectively, taro, bitter gourd, cucumber, bean sprouts, and the highlight of preserved vegetable. Isn’t it a bit like Chongqing boiled fish? But the taste is the standard taste of Chaozhou, which is a special place in Chaozhou. They are good at introducing the practice of foreign food, and make the taste of Chaozhou cuisine. Still can not be a lack of celery, Chaozhou people are very fond of celery. Two fish with preserved vegetables again on behalf of the Chaozhou special delicacy. The first one is the halogen goose. Different from the people of Guangzhou, no chicken is not a feast flavor相关的主题文章: