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Health There are many similarities between oral surgeons and dentists, but they are different fields in the world of dentistry. They both attended many years of dental school and perform a lot of the same oral procedures. The tasks that dentists and oral surgeons study and focus on in dental school differ as well as how much schooling they will need to .plete. If you are involved in an accident that causes extensive damage to your mouth, you will most likely need to see both your general dentist as well as an oral surgeon. They will work together to repair the missing and damaged teeth to get your teeth back to the condition they were before the accident. You will most likely also need to see a physician for medicine services to handle the pain that usually .es with oral damage. Both the oral surgeon and your dentist have expertise in different areas and will need to work consecutively to .plete their dental services. The process to repairing extensive oral damage is often a long one, so be sure you chose an oral surgeon referred by your dentist, one that you trust. The oral surgeon’s responsibility in the dental reconstruction process usually .es first. They will be implanting the new tooth material in your jaw below the gum line. The reason this is done by the oral surgeon rather than by your dentist is because dentists don’t usually work so deep into the oral tissue. Their dental services deal with the more superficial parts of your mouth. Once the oral surgeon has put the new tooth in place, your body will heal and grow to make the new material be.e like part of your body. You will have to take special oral care until the new tooth has gotten stronger. The oral surgeon will place a titanium screw for the false tooth to be attached to. Once this has been installed, your regular dentist will take over and will install the dental implant. This will look as close to your natural teeth as possible. This implant will not only look good, but will support the oral health of your surrounding teeth. The process that your dentist will go through to install the artificial tooth is very .plex to ensure that you are going to be happy with the quality and look of the tooth once it is put in place. Dentists must attend many years of dental school to be able to perform these types of procedures. They will assess your implant and make mold and then will construct a false tooth that will fit snugly into the space. Your dentist also has the responsibility of putting the artificial tooth in place once it has been fabricated and is back from a laboratory. Your dentist may need to file some parts to make sure it is a nice fit and feels .fortable in your mouth. Oral surgeons and dentists have different specialties and areas of focus, and both are important for our dental care. Their dental services allow for the regular care and also the extensive repair in the event of an accident. Our oral health depends heavily on the dental services that they provide. Make sure you are staying on top of your check ups and daily dental care routines. b15d05f598ed2238b690371b77f63cd8 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: