The women’s circle of friends to buy cat pay sixty thousand deposit the cat finance two empty ssport

The women’s circle of friends to buy cat pay sixty thousand deposit the "cat finance two empty" original title: WeChat circle of friends to buy cat pay sixty thousand deposit the "cat finance two empty" Guangzhou Miss yuan to buy a pet cat through the WeChat circle of friends, tens of thousands of dollars to the circle of friends in the "friends" encounter "the cat finance two empty", still have not recovered all the money for many times. Miss yuan reported in Guangzhou, the police have filed. In accordance with the information provided by the reporter to sell cat cat reporter found a pet market in Shenyang shops, but there is no living in the store pet sales, selling pet products only. Shop staff said, Miss yuan circle of friends in the sale of the cat is his sister, the store is her sister partnership, something can call her sister’s phone number. The sale of the cat told reporters that she really had a cat and miss yuan trading, Miss yuan received a total of 40 thousand yuan of money, but she is just a man in the middle, the real selling cat who is from Dalian, now the home has been lost to the state, and to miss yuan refund money is paid to her own pad. The visit in the pet market, sales of pet bosses are tight lipped about the sales network for the existing problems, a boss said, "I do not say to buy online dog and cat is not that bad, see the kind buy that grasp." Wang Tianbing, President of the Shenyang Pet Association, said there are regulatory gaps in pet breeding transactions, some sellers at home to complete pet breeding and sales. Liaoning pet industry association pet branch responsible person said, the purchase of pet should increase the ability to judge, choose a relatively high degree of credibility of the business, so you can reduce the risk of the transaction. Circle of friends to buy expensive cat pay 60 thousand yuan deposit more than a month ago, Miss yuan pulled into a "cat overseas purchasing groups, because miss yuan is cat lovers, and group members often share experience of cats, group in the atmosphere is very active. One claiming to be a college student in Shanxi group of friends in order to facilitate the development of the cat’s video on the grounds, with the micro signal and miss yuan with her contact with WeChat. Shanxi college students to miss yuan through WeChat made a lot of things, not only the cat photos, as well as the cat playing video. See WeChat friends sent me the photo, Miss yuan is a lovely cat in the picture is attracted, this is I’ve always wanted to that cat? Irrepressible excitement, Miss yuan soon agreed with each other in two transaction price of 120 thousand yuan, while the other said, because the cat is very expensive, need to pay half of the deposit 60 thousand yuan, and guaranteed that their side is a large volume of sales channels, also has a special breeding base, be sure to please her at ease. Reporters on the Miss yuan to provide a bank document to see, Miss yuan had to Shanxi college students to transfer 50 thousand yuan, while the other $10 thousand through a URL link to the past. Still have not seen each other before the cat called "cat in the coming days on hand", Miss yuan every day looking forward to the two cats could come as early as possible, she often asked in the group, I hope a little earlier saw that the cat. Coincidentally, Miss yuan in another group of WeChat riffi相关的主题文章: