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The woman killed her husband unbearable domestic violence pick up the wooden knife husband – Beijing court, 31 year old Guo Liying (a pseudonym) sat several times choked, the defendant seat tears. 5 years, her husband Liu Yong (a pseudonym) of Guo Liying again and even domestic violence, domestic violence extends to Guo Liying’s parents and two son, domestic violence completely destroyed her life. Finally, she was in the face of a knife, the husband, picked up a stick to hit his head to her husband. Hit many times, Liu Yong died on the spot. Yesterday, the Chuxiong intermediate people’s court heard the case of domestic violence caused by the alleged intentional homicide cases. Outside the court, Grandpa, grandmother with Guo Liying 4 year old son arrived from Wuding court, want to let the children see mother. Taking into account the child is still young, Liu Yong brothers and sisters issued a letter of understanding, I hope the court lenient treatment. Son was born 1 months of her husband on her hands in 2005, Guo Liying, Chuxiong, Wuding, graduated from a normal school in Hunan. Back home to teach more than 1 years later, Guo Liying came to Kunming to work. Initially, she is just a store clerk, because doing well, in 2011, Guo Liying became a store manager. In the same year, a friend, a 25 year old Dongchuan man she met Liu Yong. Two people know, Liu Yong work on a construction site. Get along more than half a year later, the two walked into the marriage hall, Liu Yong moved into the home of the fruit of Wuding. At first, Liu Yong is very good to his wife, but after less than a year, Liu Yong began to show violent tendencies. In February 2012, Guo Liying gave birth to a son, this is a happy thing, I did not expect that, son just over a month, Liu Yong beat her still in confinement. For the first time, Guo Liying and her husband did not care too much. See if Linda bear down, Liu Yong will be. Gradually found Guo Liying, Liu Yong a few years ago but had been sentenced for theft, and Liu Yong not only love to drink and drugs. Divorce proceedings have been threatened to end up the month of her husband, Guo Liying son to parents to take care of and Liu Yong returned to Kunming. Two people live outside, Liu Yong became even more unscrupulous, slightly not having beaten Guo Liying. One day in 2014, Liu Yong drunken again on the cuff and kick Guo Liying. "This is the heaviest time he has ever played. I was in bed for a week." In court, Guo Liying said. The day after Liu Yong become aggravated. As long as drunk or unpleasant with others, he would go home to his wife. Because of Liu Yong’s behavior not only on her body hurt, under also affected her work, helpless, Liu Yong resigned and returned to the fruit Liying home and parents live together. I thought it would be better, but I did not expect, Liu Yong actually to his father-in-law, mother-in-law and children also moved a knife. "Once, Liu Yong stabbed my father carry a knife, the police have at the disposal of the police, but after he is still not liking to my parents and son." Guo Liying said. "I’ve been to the local village women’s Federation and to reflect this, and even reported to the police. The police station has also been on Liu Yong’s home atrocities.相关的主题文章: