The whole demand report stock index fell back into the green extension of a narrow range of shock diamondprox

The whole demand: Prev Close down continuation of a narrow range over the green card network (reporter Zhang Dandan) this morning, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city opened mixed, intraday stock index up to 3100 points, then the shock down turn green. At 10:30, the Shanghai index at 3094.78 points, or 0.04%; the Shenzhen Component Index at 10843.37 points, or 0.07%; gem index reported 2220.47 points, down 0.13%. Industry sector, machinery, transportation, transportation logistics, coal oil sector gainers; foreign trade, computers, real estate, nonferrous metals and other plate decreases. The concept of plate, graphene, railway infrastructure, sapphire, Beidou navigation and other concepts sector gainers; LED, Google glasses, augmented reality, security and other concepts plate decreases. Peripheral markets, Asian stock markets are mixed, as of press time, Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index rose 0.45%, the Nikkei index fell by 0.22%, the South Korean composite index fell by 1.33%. Jufeng investment adviser believes that the early market continuous adjustment of the accumulation of a large number of lock plate, so the plate once pulled up sharply, will inevitably lead to disk release. Recent market continued hot PPP only part of the concept and shell resources stocks, the structural characteristics of the market is very obvious, PPP stocks have been divided, shell resources speculation in full swing. The middle of the bottom of the market has been proven, the risk of falling has been basically lifted, the position of the lighter investors can layout three main lines (PPP concept, supply side reform, shell resource stocks).相关的主题文章: