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In some universities, the underfunded graduate student grant to Nintaus is reissued. [Abstract] according to the Interim Measures for the management of postgraduate grants, the annual national stipend of postgraduates is no less than 6000 yuan per student per year. But the students who received the money said that yesterday, Nanjing University issued a "underissued" grant notice. Nanjing University graduate school official network screenshot in September 26th, graduates of the people’s Congress received "supplement". The litigants for the new Beijing News (reporter Sha Lu) recently broke the news by netizens. The 2015 and 2016 graduate students of Renmin University of China generally received 1000 yuan from the school. In this regard, the teachers of the relevant departments of the people’s Congress expressed that this is the national grant of the school to the students. In accordance with the Interim Measures for the management of the graduate student grants for graduate students, the national student grants per year are not less than 6000 yuan per student per year. But the students who received the money said they received only 5000 yuan in the school year. The same situation is also the Nanjing University, Beijing Foreign Studies University and other colleges and universities. As of yesterday, the South has issued replacement policy, the North did not explicitly respond. The reporter learned that last year’s graduate students at Beijing Normal University also reflected a lack of 500 yuan subsidy. And from September last year, the North Normal University changed the way to 600 yuan a month for 10 months. Nanjing University announced a reissue yesterday, the National People’s Congress graduate student state grants for the grant of 500 yuan per month, each year for 12 months. Graduate Xiao Wang said that after graduation in June, the grant was no longer issued, so only 10 months of grant, a total of 5000 yuan in the graduation year. Previously, a number of students in Nanjing University reported that the school had less than 1000 yuan for graduate student grants, which was similar to the people’s Congress. The Nanjing University has said that the overall delivery method does not violate the spirit of the Ministry of education documents. However, yesterday afternoon, the Nanjing University official website issued a notice, called the adjustment of the graduate student grants for graduate students. One is that from September 2016, the state grants for graduate students have been adjusted to 600 yuan a month. Two is the decision to reissue 1000 yuan per person for the national grants for graduate students in 2015 and 2016. There are various forms of grants in universities. The interim measures do not specify the way of payment for national grants. The survey shows that colleges and universities are not the same, but the way is relatively flexible. The relevant person in charge of China University of Political Science and Law said that every year, the graduate student is 6000 yuan, the national stipend is 500 yuan per month, and the graduation year will be distributed in 7 and August in June. Central University of Finance and Economics is a national grant in July and August after the graduation of students. A financial graduates told reporters, when the teacher after graduation will notify the state grants, prompting the students not to write off bank card. Shandong University is 600 yuan per month for 10 months. 1 – ask why 2015 grants now? NPC: at the end of the school, we will find out the problems one by one. Nanjing University announced yesterday that it will reissue the national grants for graduating masters in 2015 and 2016, 1000 yuan per person. Renmin University of China has also recently reissued 1000 yuan of grants to graduate students in 2015. Why is the middle 15 months apart? The staff of the Propaganda Department of Nanjing University did not specify the reason. But Nanjing University has made two interpretations. For the first time, the reason is explained, that is, the school grants the national grants for graduate students according to the time of school system, which results in the balance of the state grants, and it is also normal for postgraduates to have doubts. In the second time, the school decided to reissue the graduate student grants for graduate students in 2015 and 2016, with a total of 1000 yuan per person. The Propaganda Department of Renmin University of China said that after the problem was found at the end of last semester, the school started the "grant issue" of the national grants in June of this year, and verified each student’s condition one by one according to the regulations. According to its introduction, graduate students graduating each year are more diverse, in addition to the normal school, including abroad, due to disease for keeping (course) a variety of books, leave of absence or withdrawal procedures such as students, students and students to postpone graduation Shuoboliandu etc.. "After a summary of the information confirmation last Friday, it was issued in September 26th according to the original account of the students." 2 bank cards have been written off can be able to get money? People’s Congress: you can go to the college to register. Xiao Wang, a graduate student who graduated from Renmin University of China in 2015, told reporters that he didn’t expect the school to reissue the national stipend after 15 months. "Since the school did not inform the school after graduation, it may grant the national grants in July and August. Many students have canceled their tuition fees and the national student financial cards after graduation. The students who wrote off the school bank cards did not receive the 1000 yuan. A big master graduate asked the Faculty of the Department on the matter, but the other party said it was not clear about the school’s arrangements and did not give a reply. So, can the bank card write off the student, can get this 1000 yuan? For this, the reporter consulted the NPC Financial Department of teacher, the person said, "the issuance of work is not over, the national student have not yet paid out, students can also continue to focus on their own account, the card you can wait until after eleven to the school registration, after school summary will be distributed," more, the people do not worry, should the money must be issued to the student." 3 if the school is not reissued, how should the rights be maintained? Experts: students who are able to maintain the right to receive compensation through legal means believe that the school may be deliberately intercepted. Study on higher education of Beijing Normal University Professor, who declined to be named, the reason for this problem, there may be two reasons, one is not intentional, deliberate embezzlement; the other is the work of mistakes, which belongs to the improper operation, the funds are not used for any other purposes. "If it is the first, its behavior is bad, and the nature of the problem has changed." But the professor’s analysis suggests that the possibility of deliberate embezzlement is very small and more likely to be a misoperation in the Department’s work. If there are college students in such a situation, he said, there are various ways that students can protect their rights, such as appealing to the higher authorities of the relevant departments, or directly reflecting the situation to the headmaster hotline and the principal’s mailbox. Finally, if the school ignored it, it could also protect the rights by legal means. – related policy of full-time postgraduate year grants 6000 yuan according to the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of education in 2013 issued "graduate state grants Interim Measures", since the 2014 fall semester, postgraduate scholarships for graduate general adjustment of state grants, all full-time graduate graduate enrollment into the national program and has the nationality of People’s Republic of China students (excluding fixed incomes) are in the range of funding. The standard of funding is that the standard of doctoral student funding is not less than 10000 yuan per student per student, and the standard of graduate student funding is not less than 6000 yuan per student per student. For the central subordinate universities, the subsidy standard for doctoral candidates is 12000 yuan per student per year, and the subsidy standard for each graduate student is 6000 yuan per year. All the funds needed are borne by the central government. As to how the funds are issued, colleges and universities should be handed out to the hands of qualified students on a monthly basis. However, how much and how much a month will be issued is not stipulated. The state grants earmarked may withhold misappropriated "Interim Measures" clear, the implementation of separate accounting, earmarking of state grants, shall not be withheld, misappropriated or embezzled, and accept inspection and supervision of financial, auditing, discipline inspection and supervision authorities and other departments conscientiously. In the 15 months, where is the fund that is not given to the students, and is it the way he is used? There are also students saying that there is a lot of interest from a number of national grants in this year. If the number of graduate students who enjoy the national stipend is 3000 people, 1000 yuan per person, the total amount is 3 million yuan, according to the RMB interest rate 0.35%, it is 10 thousand and 500 yuan. Regarding this, the relevant person in charge of the National People’s Congress said that Renmin University of China strictly implemented the Interim Measures for the management of graduate student grants issued by the Ministry of education and the Ministry of Finance in 2013, and implemented a separate account for the national grants of postgraduates. Every year the national student grants of the National People’s Congress are placed in an account. Nanjing University said that due to the balance is predictable, so in 2014, the school co ordinated the funds and improved the academic scholarship standard to around 9000 yuan per person. All the national master’s degree students who enjoy the national stipend can enjoy it. Therefore, the national grant surplus is given to the graduate students in this form. "Because in recent years, all colleges and universities attach great importance to training, the alumni loyalty and not lose, total amount of funds involved, is a University of hundreds of millions or even billions of funds, but also a drop in the bucket, but will damage the image of the University, I think the relevant universities should apologize to alumni." A professor at the Institute of higher education, North Normal University, said.

部分高校“欠发”研究生助学金 正组织补发 [摘要]按照《研究生国家助学金管理暂行办法》,硕士研究生每年国家助学金不低于每生每年6000元。但收到钱的学生表示…昨日,南京大学发布“欠发”助学金补发通知。 南京大学研究生院官网截图9月26日,人大毕业生收到“补款”。当事人供图新京报讯 (记者沙璐)近日有网友爆料称,中国人民大学2015届和2016届硕士研究生毕业生,普遍收到了学校打过来的1000元钱。对此,人大相关部门的老师表示,这是学校向学生核发的国家助学金。按照《研究生国家助学金管理暂行办法》,硕士研究生每年国家助学金不低于每生每年6000元。但收到钱的学生表示,他们毕业学年只收到5000元。同样情况还有南京大学、北京外国语大学等高校。截至昨日,南大已经发布补发政策,北外并未明确回应。记者了解到,去年北京师范大学硕士毕业生也反映少发500元补助。而北师大去年9月起将发放方式改为每月600元,发10个月。南京大学昨日宣布补发据了解,人大硕士研究生国家助学金的发放方式为每生每月500元,每年发放12个月。毕业生小王说,6月毕业后,助学金就不再发放,所以毕业学年只发了10个月的助学金,共5000元。此前,南京大学多名学生反映学校少发了1000元研究生国家助学金,情况与人大类似。南京大学曾表示,整体发放办法没有违背教育部文件精神。不过,昨日下午,南京大学官网发布通知,称调整硕士研究生国家助学金发放办法。一是从2016年9月起,毕业班硕士生的国家助学金调整为每月600元。二是决定补发2015年及2016年应届毕业硕士研究生国家助学金每人1000元。各高校助学金发放形式灵活多样《暂行办法》并未明确国家助学金的具体发放方式,记者调查发现,各高校并不相同,方式较为灵活。中国政法大学的相关负责人说,硕士研究生每年是6000元国家助学金,每月发放500元,毕业学年会在6月份就将7、8月份的一起发放。中央财经大学是在学生毕业后不久发放7月和8月的国家助学金。一名中财毕业生告诉记者,当时老师通知毕业后会发国家助学金,提示学生不要注销银行卡。山东大学则是每月发600元,发放10个月。■ 追问1 为何2015年助学金现在才发?人大:上学期末发现问题逐一核实南京大学昨日发布通知将补发2015年及2016年应届毕业硕士研究生国家助学金每人1000元。中国人民大学也于近日将1000元助学金补发给2015年毕业的研究生。为何中间隔了15个月之久?南京大学宣传部门工作人员并未明确说明原因。不过南京大学做了两次解释。第一次是解释了原因,即学校是按照学制内在校时间发放研究生国家助学金,因此造成了国家助学金存在结余,研究生同学产生疑问也是正常的。在第二次中,学校决定向2015年及2016年硕士毕业生,补发研究生国家助学金,每人1000元。中国人民大学宣传部门表示,在上学期末发现这个问题后,学校从今年6月份开始进行国家助学金的“核发”工作,根据文件规定逐一核实每个学生的情况。据其介绍,每年毕业的硕士研究生情况较为多样,除正常毕业的之外,还包括因出国、疾病等原因办理保留学(课程)籍、休学或退学等手续的学生、延期毕业学生以及硕博连读学生等多种情况。“上周五学校进行了信息确认汇总之后,9月26日按学生原来的账户进行了发放。”2 银行卡已注销的还能拿到钱吗?人大:可以到学院进行登记中国人民大学2015年毕业的硕士研究生小王告诉记者,没想到学校会在时隔15个月之后再补发之前的国家助学金。“由于毕业时学校并未通知之后可能会发放7月和8月份的国家助学金,很多同学在毕业后都注销了自己在校期间交学费、领取国家助学金的银行卡。”这些把学校银行卡注销的学生没能收到这1000元钱。一名人大硕士毕业生就此事询问了院系的老师,但对方表示目前还不清楚学校的安排,未给予回复。那么,这些把银行卡注销的学生,还能拿到这1000元钱吗?针对此事,记者咨询了人大财务处的老师,对方表示,目前“核发”的工作还未结束,国家助学金尚未发放完毕,学生还可以继续关注自己的账户情况,卡注销的同学可以等到十一过后到学院登记,学校汇总情况之后会统一发放,“这种情况的人比较多,不用担心,应该发的钱肯定会发给学生。”3 如果学校未补发应该如何维权?专家:学生可通过法律手段维权收到补款的毕业生认为学校可能故意截留。北京师范大学高等教育研究所一位不愿具名的教授认为,之所以会出现这个问题,可能有两种原因,一种是故意不发,即故意侵吞;另一种是工作上的失误,属于操作不当,资金未挪作他用。“如果是第一种,其行为是恶劣的,问题性质也变了。”但该教授分析认为,故意侵吞可能性其实很小,更多可能是部门工作上的操作失误。如果还有高校学生遇到这种情况,他表示,学生有多种办法可以进行维权,比如向相关负责部门的上级部门进行申诉,或者直接向校长热线、校长邮箱反映情况。最后如果学校对此置之不理,也可通过法律的手段维权。■ 相关政策全日制硕士研究生每年助学金6000元根据财政部、教育部2013年印发的《研究生国家助学金管理暂行办法》,自2014年秋季学期起,研究生普通奖学金调整为研究生国家助学金,所有纳入全国研究生招生计划且具有中华人民共和国国籍的全日制研究生(有固定工资收入的除外)均在资助范围内。资助的标准为,博士研究生资助标准不低于每生每年10000元,硕士研究生资助标准不低于每生每年6000元。对于中央部属高校来说,博士研究生资助标准为每生每年12000元, 硕士研究生资助标准为每生每年6000元,所需资金全部由中央财政承担。至于这笔资金如何发放,根据要求,高校应按月发放到符合条件的学生手中。但具体怎么发放、每月发放多少,则未进行规定。国家助学金专款专用不得截留挤占挪用《暂行办法》明确,对研究生国家助学金实行分账核算,专款专用,不得截留、挤占、挪用,并自觉接受财政、审计、纪检监察、主管机关等部门的检查和监督。这15个月中,未能发放给学生的资金放在了哪里,是否用作他途?也有学生表示,这一年多国家助学金产生的利息也有不少。如果按照每届享受国家助学金的研究生数为3000人计算,每人1000元,总金额数是300万元,按照人民币活期利率0.35%计算,为1.05万元。对此,人大相关负责人表示,中国人民大学严格执行教育部、财政部2013年颁发的《研究生国家助学金管理暂行办法》,对研究生国家助学金实行分账核算,专款专用。人大每年国家助学金都是放在一个账户中。南京大学表示,由于结余是可预期的,因此2014年学校统筹了这部分资金,提高了学业奖学金标准至人均9000元左右,所有享受国家助学金的硕士生皆能享受。因此,国家助学金结余都通过此种形式发放给了研究生。“因为近几年各高校都很重视对校友忠诚度培养,不会因小失大,而且就涉及资金的总额来说,相对一所高校几亿甚至几十亿的资金来说,也是九牛一毛,但会损害大学形象,我觉得相关高校应该向毕业生校友道歉。”北师大高等教育研究所一名教授说。相关的主题文章: