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The top white hat hackers "drops DSRC security master soil" –IT– August 25th Beijing news "master" will not write code, but this does not prevent him from becoming the white hat hackers, with 8 years of operation and maintenance of the foundation of him, especially good at digging holes logic. As of August 24th, he submitted a total of 20 drops of DSRC vulnerabilities, accumulated points up to 11652, ranking highest honor. Recently, the mysterious white hat hacker tells how to become foreign security drops behind the story the first top honors. Unlike the usual experience, "master" high school drop out to Beijing after he went to various Internet Co, including listed companies, start-up companies etc.. Just contact the security when he was still immersed in the "Tomb notes", hence the "earth master" this ID, through self-study, master every vulnerability analysis of 10-40 soil were summarized and the accumulated vulnerability digging skills, now he work while working part-time as a white hat. A year ago, Hijio Ko began a sustained "concern" drops, drops when the security was started. I have a friend, spare time to dig a hole is very powerful, affected by him, I began to delve into loopholes. Operation and maintenance background to learn safety knowledge, both in order to self-development, but also interest driven, just a bit safe start, so I began to dig a bit of loopholes, did not expect to take the first." Vulnerability is a flaw in the specific implementation of hardware, software, protocol, or system security policy, so that the attacker can access or destroy the system without authorization. This is all technology companies are facing problems, many technology companies and even high reward encourage white hat hackers to submit vulnerability, and money, they are more apparent to dig for the glory of their vulnerability, in this work to find a sense of achievement. In order to dig a hole, often to display soil master sit for 6 or 7 hours, the most serious moment got ophthalmopathy, went to the hospital to open a bottle of eye drops, and to continue to dig vulnerabilities, vulnerability testing, cancel the order because too often, soil man son three mobile phone number is. "Once, on Friday submitted a loophole, and the safety engineer drops studied at night without repetition, in order to reproduce the vulnerability Saturday at home with safety engineer to work overtime, we study two telephone exchanges, one day, finally reproduce the problem." Hijio Ko said. For the white hat hackers, the most recognized most quickly responded, "once I submit a bug in 12 at night, even the immediate response to safety side drops." In addition, Hijio Ko said: "the DSRC is the most honest I met SRC, had submitted a self-assessment for high-risk vulnerabilities, but drops hit the safety engineer after the audit score of severity, very good." All of these efforts are not in vain, Hijio Ko got the first place in the list of safety standings, also received a high reward. At the same time, he also called white hat hacker: "to do more, do damage, pay attention to the protection of information security, authentication vulnerability that do not hold shell and drag library." It is reported that drops travel safety emergency response center (referred to as DSRC) in November 2015 last year on the line, at present相关的主题文章: