The third installment of the FTA will be approved the overall plan to hold the listing ceremony

The overall scheme of the third batch of the FTA will be granted a unified listing ceremony held at the end of August this year, the state will be clear in Henan and other 7 provinces and cities in the establishment of a free trade zone. The Zhengbao reporter recently learned from informed sources, the third installment of the FTA overall program will be approved in the near future. The country will also choose the 7 New Free Trade Zone unified listing ceremony held. And at the local level, the 7 provinces and municipalities related to the construction of the FTA has been launched in full swing. Experts suggest that the third batch of FTA construction should emphasize the two key words: replication and innovation. FTA construction of the 3 era of the FTA into the family of the third batch of members were settled in Liaoning, Zhejiang, Henan, Hubei, Chongqing, Sichuan and Shaanxi and other provinces and cities in 7. In an interview with reporters found that different strategic considerations and based on the location of the 7 FTA Gexianshentong, has accelerated the potential false start. Among them, is located in the Central Plains of Henan free trade zone construction is quite interesting. The past two months, Henan m shaped high-speed rail network "ten" word frame Zheng Xu high-speed railway, Henan Zhengzhou export processing zone B closed the acceptance by the state, China (Henan) Free Trade Zone Research Institute inaugurated…… According to the national strategic positioning, the main task is to implement the Henan FTA on accelerating the construction of North-South and east-west connecting the modern three-dimensional traffic system of the central and the request of modern logistics system, modern integrated transport hub construction services in the "The Belt and Road" strategy. Lapel mountain river, extending in all directions. Geng Mingzhai, President of the Institute of development of the Central Plains, Henan University, it seems that the two key words of the Henan free trade zone is the hub and logistics, which comply with the Henan regional advantages and build a strategic inland open highland. Geng out fast also Zhengbao reporters that around this two words, Henan free trade zone has the following tests: one is the key to speed up the construction of the logistics channel, with Zhengzhou as the center of the M shaped high-speed rail construction, build a multimodal transport, and seamless pattern; two is to cultivate international logistics company; three is the customs customs clearance facilitation and integration; four is in the cross-border e-commerce level, Henan FTA should play a more important role. Jiao Jinmiao, director of the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce, said that Henan FTA will further explore ways to deepen reforms in the circulation management, state-owned enterprise system, industrial development and other aspects of the reform. According to reports, at present in Henan FTA overall program to determine the modification process, Henan province will actively docking national strategy, implementation of local development and the height of the national strategy fit, take the Henan free trade zone for the state system, for the local development of "historical mission. In Chongqing free trade area, cross-border electricity supplier in the field of business has also made new progress. At the beginning of September, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area equipment export of cross-border electricity supplier platform — "foreman cloud provider B2B export orders in Chongqing customs clearance success means that the manufacturing industry of Chongqing is using the B2B electricity supplier to open the new way for export. Reporters from the Chongqing local informed sources, according to traffic logistics overall planning of Chongqing and the western logistics situation analysis and suggestion, has been recently officially completed, the next step will be submitted to the Chongqing municipal government and the new joint working committee, is expected in early November officially approved, and then promote Chongqing towards implementation of multimodal transport and logistics single power.相关的主题文章: