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The land policy of a total investment of 1 trillion and 170 billion third batches of third batches of PPP PPP project has released a total investment of 1 trillion and 170 billion land policy has liberalized reporter Zhou Xiaoxiao reported in Beijing capital market continuous agitation for PPP stocks, ushered in the policy landing. In October 13th, 20 ministries and the Ministry of education, Ministry of Finance jointly issued a document, announced the third batch of government and social capital cooperation (PPP) demonstration projects, a total of 516 projects, total investment reached 1 trillion and 170 billion yuan. In addition to the announcement of the list of projects, 20 ministries jointly issued a notice also made it clear that to encourage private capital under the same conditions preferred. The three batch of pilot projects given the timetable, requirements of "real" implementation of PPP project quickly and complete the purchase, before the end of September 2017 for the third batch of pilot projects. In addition, the central financial awards complement funds will be allocated in a timely manner. PPP is particularly important for land use projects, the notice also made clear. Through the way of competition to determine the project investors and the land of the parties to implement the merger, is expected to solve the problem in the practice of social capital may not be able to get through the trick shot hanging program corresponding plots of this problem. The number of projects in the central and western regions, the declaration of the project has a probability of 50% selected, the election rate is very high." A PPP professional advisory body on twenty-first Century economic news reporter said. In June this year, the Ministry of finance, Ministry of education, Ministry of housing, a total of 20 ministries, launched the third batch of PPP demonstration projects to declare the work of screening. Received a total of 1070 projects around the declaration, the project plans a total investment of about $2 trillion and 200 billion, involving energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, municipal, pension and other public services. In October 13th, 20 ministries jointly issued a document, by the relevant provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, ministries and municipalities and recommend experts, is to determine the capital region of Beijing City Ring Expressway (Tongzhou Daxing section) 516 items such as the third batch of PPP demonstration project (see Annex), plans a total investment amount of 11708 yuan. From the selection of the project, the number of municipal projects occupy an absolute advantage in terms of quantity, such as garbage disposal, pipe network, municipal roads, parking, landscaping and other municipal projects belong to the category. Many smaller investment projects, such as municipal Longmen County Chengdong District of Huizhou city road construction projects, the investment amounted to only 78 million 400 thousand yuan, with an average of about 2 billion 300 million yuan is not a small investment gap. But part of the municipal engineering, rail transit investment volume larger, such as the introduction of new social capital projects Beijing rail transit airport line, is expected to invest 27 billion 600 million yuan. Transportation project investment volume is generally larger, such as Hebei, Taihang Mountain and other highways, is expected to invest 89 billion 800 million yuan. A total of 28 provinces have selected PPP demonstration projects, Shanghai and other places have not selected. From the provincial distribution point of view, a total of 47 projects selected Shandong, Yunnan has a total of 40 projects, Anhui,, Hebei, the 25, the Sichuan, the Guizhou – the 22 – in general, the Midwest相关的主题文章: