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The teacher wants to tell the parents of the 7 things, was deeply touched! Sohu maternal and child [children] said original, reproduced please mark the source has a kindergarten teacher told me that such a thing: she taught in small classes, a 4 year old girl. The little girl was so naughty that she ran alone in the classroom every time she had a good time together. She was worried about her children, so she went wherever she went. But one day there was an accident, not a big deal, but the little girl ran so fast that the ground grazed his forehead, a little blood flow. The teacher was very nervous, holding a crying child ran to the school clinic disinfection treatment, then the child is crying, the other teachers are not only to her, sing and dance and play with the wolf pig, finally made the baby laugh. To school time, the little girl’s mother to pick up, she told the child’s mother, the child’s mother did not say anything, but looks very unhappy. She thought it was the past, did not expect the second day back to kindergarten, playing the game as usual, she took the little girl’s hand, the little girl was angry to get rid of. The little girl also cursed with a vicious waist: "you are a bad teacher, I hurt." At that time, the teacher’s tears came out. She told me that although often aggrieved, but she still likes to be a teacher of the children. There is such a good teacher, it is really a blessing for children. So the child said that hope, whether it is the teacher or the children’s parents, mutual understanding, communication is really necessary. It is said that here is the teacher who most want to tell 7 things parents, hope that parents can know, let us get along with the children’s teacher more friendly: parents are the most important teacher of the children, some things only to teach parents don’t think the teacher is omnipotent, don’t think their children to school, the teacher we should take full responsibility for their life. Parents love, the teacher can not give parents; every night before bed, watching TV or reading, is to accompany their children to play computer games alone or playing video games, the children had the "example", the teacher will stop. Do not give children to wear to wear clothes, is not conducive to children’s self-management from children to school the first day, we have to let the children develop self management ability and awareness, so tight pants, pants too tight pants, jumpsuits, zippered pants, trousers, skirt is too long to stumble with ropes dress pants, suggestions don’t let the children wear to school children is not easy to wear off, they will make a bad mood. Not always the first to pick up the kids from school, not always too late if your child is always the first to pick up, may encourage their vanity, they become a show of the capital; if you are always too late to pick up the kids go, looked at them and looked at the door waiting for the pitiful appearance is very distressed, because they are small the heart has been full of the parents are not paid and the feeling of being abandoned. Children crying do not want to go to school, please insist on sending their children, some parents and children need to overcome the difficulties of each child.相关的主题文章: