The sun announced the dismissal of Hornacek 3 years working a scapegoat. 9c8996

The sun announced the dismissal of Hornacek 3 years of toil to drop a pot back end class Hornacek sina sports news Beijing standard time on February 1st, the Sun God Wo exposed the news, Feinikesi announced the dismissal of Jose Geoff – Hornacek, because this season with the team and continue to lead the poor results of contradiction, Hornacek finally could not escape the fate of the class. The 52 year old huonasaike, in recent years the rise of the outstanding young representatives of NBA, took the sun moving from the 2013-14 season, the 2.5 season has led a 101 – 112 record, winning 47.4%. Objectively speaking, the sun has been rebuilt for the past 3 years, and the team didn’t expect too much at the beginning. But the first season of Huo Huo Shuai makes people shine, leading the team has maintained the impact on the playoffs, but unfortunately ranked ninth in the playoffs. The Suns had a good performance last season, but the management didn’t understand the operation, or let the original hope team finally missed the playoffs again. The season has not yet opened, the sun suffered heavy losses, they had confidence to sign Aldridge, for which sent Marcus – Maurice, gave Tyson – Chandler a big contract, that is, plans to get A De after this year gains. But A De chose the Spurs, sun bath. After the season opened, big Maurice has been inconsistent with the team, showing a disastrous decline. Star Brad Alfonso is Disasters pile up on one another., was injured for the season. Team Hornacek is beset with troubles internally and externally bricks without straw. At present, the sun only won 14 wins and 35 losses, with the Timberwolves tied for the West countdown to second, only stronger than the lakers. In fact, in the past month, the rumor of Hornacek’s class has not stopped. Now, it seems to be a fact. He also became the coach of NBA fourth after the Rockets, Mchale, nets Hollins and Cavaliers Blatter this season. (Chang Chang)

太阳宣布解雇霍纳塞克 3年劳苦落个背锅下场 霍纳塞克下课   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月1日,沃神曝出消息,菲尼克斯太阳宣布解雇现任主帅杰夫-霍纳塞克,由于本赛季带队成绩不佳并且跟队员矛盾不断,霍纳塞克终于没能逃过下课的命运。   现年52岁的霍纳塞克,是近几年NBA崛起的优秀少帅代表,从2013-14赛季接过太阳教鞭,两个半赛季以来带队打出101胜112负的战绩,胜率为47.4%。   客观的说,太阳过去3年处于重建期,球队起初并没有对战绩抱有太多期待。但霍帅上任第一个赛季就让人眼前一亮,带领球队一直保持着对季后赛的冲击,只可惜最终名列第9无缘季后赛。上赛季太阳也曾有过不错的表现,但管理层让人看不懂的运作,还是让这支原本充满希望的球队最终再次遗憾的错过了季后赛。   本赛季还没开打太阳就遭受重创,他们原本信心满满的要签下阿尔德里奇,为此送走了马库斯-莫里斯,给了泰森-钱德勒一份大合同,就是计划拿下阿德后在今年有所斩获。但可惜阿德选择了马刺,太阳竹篮打水一场空。赛季开打后,大莫里斯一直跟球队闹矛盾,表现一落千丈。祸不单行,当家球星布莱德索更是受伤赛季报销。球队内外交困,霍纳塞克也是难为无米之炊。   目前太阳只拿到14胜35负的战绩,跟森林狼并列西部倒数第二,仅比湖人的战绩强。其实过去一个月时间里,霍纳塞克下课的流言就没有停止过,如今看来已成事实。他也成为本赛季继火箭麦克海尔、篮网霍林斯、骑士布拉特之后,NBA第4位下课的主教练。   (昌昌)相关的主题文章: