The sixty-eighth Emmy Awards American crime story as the biggest

Sixty-eighth Emmy Awards "American crime story" the biggest winner – Beijing is contrary to expectation, with 23 nominations to lead the "game of Thrones" finally won the best drama series, best screenplay, best director award, we love the "Snow", "little devil", "II" have been lost. The main drama actress drama are arranged, Lamy? Marek ("hacker army") and Ahna Tati? Masilani ("black orphan") beat veteran Kevin? Spacey, Claire Denise and Robin White??. After the Oscar prize ceremony scene sent biscuits, Emmy naturally can not live on the scene of a group of big stars. The three actors "strange stories" riding a bicycle as a "room", a copy will be sent to the scene of many stars in fast food. The organizers are also equipped with a large number of peanut butter sandwiches, "the house of cards," Kevin, in front of the camera to eat a sandwich in front of the scene of the. The site also "random" delivery of fruit juice, David? Arquette got a lucky, just received the juice "Ross" looked a bit dumbfounding. However, bigshots may also left a little "chowhound" welfare. Because the people are most familiar with those movie stars, traffic have not received the prize. Take the big winner "American crime story", also won Best Screenplay, best actor, actress and actor with almost swept all the major awards in this category of drama class co.. The win is acting, but from the fame, big coffee John? Travolta, David did not take the prize Arquette?. There are special people want to see the quiver and roll of the dispute. Volume blessing did not appear on the scene yesterday. The night manager took the best director award for limited drama series. Well, to be able to shake the Sen so handsome, the director confirmed that the fans are upset. Shake Sen also hugged the female director on the stage, but also joked." "Detective Sherlock: the damned bride" won the best TV movie is. Two British actor, both frustrated class awards show. Can only say that this session of Emmy, not to bow to the flow of ah! In addition, from the beginning of this week, American fall collective return. The "Big Bang", "brother Tan", "Lucifer", "modern family", "evil", "Aegis Bureau agents blacklist", "Grey’s Anatomy", "hip hop", "unpunished Empire", "Chicago hospital" season etc.. In addition, the "Bao Xiaoqiang" (China American fans to "24 hours" protagonist Jack? Bauer’s nickname) drama "Survivor", the theme of the designated exorcism drama "the Exorcist", this is our new theme "warm" and "root sister" ("suspect" that will be a guest starring track) drama "battle Tianlong" this week will launch. In addition, Netflix’s oratorio "drug lords" season second has released the entire season in September 2nd ten sets of resources. The film is adapted from the real historical events of the anti drug drama, telling the Columbia drug Pablo Escobar’s story?. The first quarter of last year released it amazing people, the ballet相关的主题文章: