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The Sichuan inscription found Millennium culture into full sprint "password" "Shudao difficult, almost inaccessible!" The Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai "Sichuan Road", so that the ancient Shu is famous in the world. In 2015, included in the official Sichuan world cultural and natural heritage tentative list. In April 2016, the Sichuan provincial government set up the Sichuan world natural and cultural heritage declaration work leading group. The Sichuan Sichuan inscription, nominated including Jinniu Road, Micang Road, Ping Road, Lai Chi Road 4 ancient Shu and related areas. At present, the Sichuan inscription has entered the sprint. In May 2014, Sichuan Province officially launched Sichuan declaration of the world cultural and natural heritage work. "The ancient Shu Sichuan is connected in Guanzhong and the Central Plains Road, is now the equivalent of highway. It is not only a strategic path, but also a cultural route for the people to communicate with the outside world. " Mei Zhengzheng, director of the exhibition research department at the Wuhou Temple Museum in Chengdu, said. The inscription "Shudao Jinniu Road, Micang Road, Ping Road, Lai Chi Road four ancient road, with Jianmen Pass as the center of Taurus Road, is a section of the core and the most dangerous, the ever present Jianmen Pass, Zhaohua ancient monuments, Cuiyun gallery and many other sites." Yu Tianxi, director of the Guangyuan Municipal Administration of cultural relics, introduced. Micang road is a main road and shortcut between Bashu and Hanzhoung. On the road has left the path along the cliff hole in the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Tang and Song Dynasties, the Ming and Qing Dynasties inscription inscription, road etc.. While Ping Road in southern Gansu into a shortcut to Sichuan, the middle motenlin vast spans, is the strategic battleground. Litchi is Sichuan Shaanxi Road between important trade Avenue, according to historical records, "one out of Sichuan, Sichuan cotton", that the history is an important channel in Sichuan shaanxi. To meet the 6 World Heritage Sichuan standard for evidence, this work hard but full of surprises. In March 9, 2015, the Sichuan range of litchi, from the Imperial Palace Museum of Peking University, nearly 20 archaeological and historian, ran out of messy thorns, suddenly see a moment in the inscription on the stone. The experts found that this article, carved in the "Ziyun Ping Ming Ming Ling Garden" in 1109, recorded the story of the Wangs brothers in the Song Dynasty to Wanyuan tea. It thus became the earliest discovered from tea lithoglyphs, provides important evidence for the Sichuan Sichuan channel as ever. Emperor Berlin, Bai Yi ancient town… Through thoroughly, natural and cultural resources Sichuan continue to explore. In addition, road bridges, ancient architecture, ancient tombs, the experts also found that "three official" "library Lou Wan" tieluba "and other ancient names are still in use. 而通过分布在宣汉、大竹、达川、渠县等区县的6处唐宋摩崖造像的风格和组合特征,专家们找到了在唐宋时期,米仓道和荔枝道这两条南北走向的路线已经存在着横向联系的佐证。

蜀道申遗进入全面冲刺 发现千年文化“密码”   “蜀道之难,难于上青天!”唐代诗人李白《蜀道难》,让古蜀道闻名于世。2015年,蜀道正式列入世界文化与自然遗产预备名单。2016年4月,四川省政府成立蜀道世界自然与文化遗产申报工作领导小组。此次四川蜀道申遗,提名地包括金牛道、米仓道、阴平道、荔枝道4条古蜀道及相关区域。目前,蜀道申遗已进入全面冲刺。   2014年5月,四川省正式启动蜀道申报世界文化和自然双遗产工作。“古蜀道是四川连接关中和中原的官道,相当于现在的高速公路。它既是战略要道,也是老百姓渴望与外界沟通的文化线路。”成都武侯祠博物馆陈列研究部主任梅铮铮说。   “蜀道申遗确定的金牛道、米仓道、阴平道、荔枝道四条古蜀道中,以剑门关为中心的金牛道,是最核心、最艰险的一段,迄今尚存剑门关、昭化古城、翠云廊等众多遗址古迹。”广元市文物管理局局长俞天喜介绍。米仓道是巴蜀、汉中间的一条要道、捷径。古道上至今留有秦汉时期的栈道孔,唐宋时期题刻,明清时期的修路碑记等。而阴平道是甘肃南部进入四川的一条捷径,中间有摩天岭苍茫横亘,是历代兵家必争之要道。荔枝道是川陕间极其重要的通商大道,史书上记载,“火纸出川去,棉花入川来”,证明其在历代都是出陕进川的重要通道。   为蜀道符合6条世界遗产标准找佐证,这项工作艰辛却充满惊喜。   2015年3月9日,在蜀道范围内的荔枝道,来自故宫博物院、北京大学等近20名考古及历史学家,奋力拨开杂乱荆棘,突见一幅刻在巨石上的铭文。专家们识读后发现,这篇刻于公元1109年的 《紫云坪植茗灵园记》,记载着宋代王氏兄弟到万源种茶的故事。它由此成为国内发现最早记述种茶的摩崖石刻,为蜀道曾经作为出川通道提供了重要物证。皇柏林、白衣古镇……通过摸底,蜀道自然、文化资源不断得以发掘。   除古道、古桥、古建、古墓葬之外,专家们还发现“三官场”“库楼湾”“铁炉坝”等古地名沿用至今。而通过分布在宣汉、大竹、达川、渠县等区县的6处唐宋摩崖造像的风格和组合特征,专家们找到了在唐宋时期,米仓道和荔枝道这两条南北走向的路线已经存在着横向联系的佐证。相关的主题文章: