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The second is two people, why tangled are women? After reading your mother – Sohu Author: Li Ailing last night before one day, husband suddenly told me one of his iron man: "do you know? So that someone lives!" I am scared, brain flashed through drunk driving, cut people, kidnapping etc. Hongkong gangster movie camera. He Xu Xu Daolai: his wife was pregnant, the decision to stay." Nima, it’s a life. 1 students and non students, as a young woman of childbearing age. One moment, nearly a year ago I was miserable, whether I am diligent or slovenly, regardless of me dirty or sparkling, whether I was a chicken dog or a hand piece, my seven elder brother the eight sister friends, care about the way I was God unified: to have a second child? This can not blame others, I myself also time time again, I ask myself ah. Before Liu Xiaobao was five years old, who urged me to chase after the second child, I can spit in his face: "your child! Your child! Your child family!" I just came from a fetal urine fart struggling in the boil out, just return mouth to drink large meat pleasure arena, who want to ruin my life, I together with him! But one day, bestie sent me a video, I was shaken after reading. You must think is Baby kind of childlike children video right? Really not. The video is a middle-aged woman with a brigade rushed to the hotel, will be working with a mistress out husband unto the bed. In my only management experience, this is a highly efficient and orderly, after careful deployment and reasonable division plan: strong brother kicked the door flung open, the sisters swarmed, someone grabbed the hair straight left mistress mouth, people take off the shoes straight pulling man, was responsible for someone scolded, responsible for the shooting, naked men betrayal not react respectively was wrestled to the corner had to hold the head of self-defense. Bestie asked: the middle-aged woman suddenly? I care not who, just think: such a thing, only a woman’s own brother and sister to justice to it so against the common enemy. Perhaps this is lucky to have brothers and sisters, when you have a big change, when you have no need to let others know the difficulties, only their own blood kin, I can really help. Forwarding a circle of friends that night I mean Xixi: I really want to have a second child. When you are too old to move, a child is too lonely, no matter how big a deal can be discussed, if it is not the same as the two children, they can discuss, for example, the boss asked: the oxygen pipe pulled it? Second said: in the middle! Colleagues advised me: want to live as soon as possible, do not wait. A bite a stomping, tired, three years will boil out! Age is appropriate, a tire has been basically independent career entered a stable period of development, parents can still help handle all public information in the display: how I can, for how, how should the second child! All right相关的主题文章: