The second-hand car business original sin – automobile

The "original sin" second-hand car business – Sohu car according to the second-hand car market trading data China Automobile Dealers Association released the first half of the second-hand car trading volume this year to 4 million 774 thousand vehicles, an increase of only 3.6%, even lower than the new car market sales growth. Previously, the parties had widely predicted 2016 will be the outbreak of the used car market window, however, expected growth did not come, once fame used car electricity providers have gradually receded aura, investors in the capital market the heat began to cool. Then, we sort out the common second-hand car business with the "original sin", which are caused by such an embarrassing situation today. 1 main business can not achieve profitability. Deputy Secretary General China Automobile Association chairman Luo Lei had bluntly in an interview: "as far as I know, the current second-hand car business without a positive cash flow, the second-hand car business model to reflect the time." Whether B2B, C2B or C2C used car electricity supplier, in fact mostly is not involved in the sale of vehicles link real, act as a platform and sales leads to a provider to receive a service fee, merchants settled fee assessment fee etc.. And only with these revenues, in fact, can not maintain the normal operation of the used car business platform, and ultimately rely on VC investment to maintain. In the capital market optimistic about the second-hand car business, each smooth financing, when the capital crunch, the investment heat drop, after burn wayward mode "is difficult to continue, each can only tighten their belts to live, but also some second-hand car electricity providers have died. 2 operating costs are too high for the second-hand car electricity supplier looks simple, but the site + mobile phone APP, but the actual operating costs are very high. The first is the development and maintenance of the online platform, want to achieve the degree of easy to use, has burned a lot of money investors. Secondly, the cost of the line service team is also very large. For example, a second-hand car business that appraiser has more than 1000 lines, ideally they should have rich experience of "veteran", for the requirements of the salary is not low, plus some testing equipment and a small amount of offline stores, set up service team such a regional investment as can be imagined. There is also a very important investment, that is advertising. Used car electricity supplier dispute, in essence, is the source of the dispute. For the second-hand car trading frequency, want to let the user cognition, the most direct method is the high frequency of advertising in the short term delivery, and a variety of online and offline second-hand car business advertising bombing is not hard to understand, even the CCTV prime time can also see the second-hand car electricity providers advertising. But there is no doubt that this way to get customers cost is huge. 3 online services can not be used car business services instead of offline to improve the online platform to gradually replace the line channels, reducing circulation, and to realize the "individual owners will directly sell the car to individual sellers". But in fact, the second-hand car industry is very dependent on the line service industry, electronic business platform even with a "Internet plus" coat, also cannot leave the vehicle maintenance and assessment, transfer will)相关的主题文章: