The Second Best Players In Packers Should Be Clay

Arts-and-Entertainment Clay Matthews Jersey was born William Clay Matthews III on the 14th of May, 1986. He is now popularly known as one of the top players of an American football team, the NFLs Green Bay Packers. In fact, Clay Matthews Jersey is known as the second best players in the team where he plays as a linebacker. Clay Matthews Jersey also got his nickname as the teams Clay Maker for which he has earned after years of playing as a professional football player to the Green Bay Packers team and his football years in his university in Southern California. Basically, Clay was drafted by the teams 26th overall which took place in the NFL Draft 2009. Prior to this, Clay Matthews Jersey is now considered as one of the top pass rusher and linebackers in the national Football League. Clay Matthews Jersey Ac.plishments This young football player of the Green Bay Packers team is known to have been drafted during the first round of the NFL Draft in 2009. The team got 26th for the overall pick. Clay scored the touchdown of his initial career during a game which took place on the 5th of October 2009, against Minnesotas Vikings. Clay has successfully stripped the ball from Adrian Peterson then ran it for a score. During the seventeenth week of the Packers fight against Detroits Lions, Clay Matthews Jersey made three successful tackles, made possible to assist more, and managed to sack Daunte Culpepper two times. Prior to these triumphant performances, Clay was nominated for and has won Pepsis National Football League Rookie of the week award. Clay Matthews Jersey has had another victorious performance when the team played against the Dallas Cowboys. Here, he has recorded one tackle, recovered two fumbles, and a successful sacking of Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo. These have nominated Clay in the Pepsi NFL Rookie award once again. The best game of Clay Matthews Jersey took place during the early parts of his career when he received the NFC Defensive Player award during week 13. The award he has received was based on his outstanding performances which include six tackles, a forced fumble, and two sacks. The Year 2009 And Beyond The year 2009 was a sparkling year for the Green bay Packers with Clay Matthews Jersey playing greatly for the team. The year 2010 has proven Clays worth in the team when he decided to take a distinctive approach in the game. In 2011, he was able to finish the season with fifty tackles and 6.0 sacks, putting the team in pressure. However, even when his numbers have plummeted .pared to the previous seasons, Clay has actually improved on the different aspects of the game. In fact, Clay Matthews Jersey has made it possible to record high three interceptions, nine pass deflections, three forced fumbles, and successfully picking off Eli Manning. Over the years up to the present, Clay has performed well in all of the teams games with other contenders and this made Clay Matthews Jersey Packers as the teams second best player. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: