The report shows that the degree of internationalization of China’s commercial arbitration to enhanc didadi

The report shows China enhance the degree of internationalization of commercial arbitration – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, September 26 (Xia Bin) 26, Chinese of arbitration will be released "China international commercial arbitration annual report in Beijing (2015)". The report shows that the degree of internationalization of commercial arbitration to further enhance Chinese. Based on the higher participation of Chinese parties in international commercial arbitration cases, the internationalization of Chinese commercial arbitration institutions has been widely recognized. The report said, as the traditional international arbitration organization, arbitration of International Chamber of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as the "ICC Institute") in 2015 received a total of 801 pieces of the application for arbitration, and the parties in the Arbitration Institute of China ICC management cases in the rising proportion of that Chinese parties understanding of International Arbitration and acceptance to improve. At the same time, China’s international commercial arbitration institutions are becoming more and more familiar to the parties in the country and choose. China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (hereinafter referred to as Trade Commission), for example, in 2015 a total of 1968 cases of arbitration cases, including international cases of 437, an increase of 13%. The report pointed out that the acceptance of the case China international arbitration institutions to CIETAC as the representative of the dispute in both the number of Chinese outside parties in cases of growth, reflects the development of Chinese arbitration conform to the international trend. It is worth noting that, in 2015, the use of English or Chinese English bilingual case of 71, an increase of 22.4%, compared to the year in 2011 rose more than 6 times the number of times. The Arbitration Commission deputy director and Secretary General Wang Chengjie told reporters, with the deepening of The Belt and Road along the economic and trade activities, Chinese enterprises to "go out" encounter disputes have increased, so China commercial arbitration internationalization is an inevitable trend. "The Belt and Road" along the country’s political system is different, different cultural traditions, different legal systems, the business environment is different, brings complexity to resolve disputes between enterprises." Wang Chengjie pointed out that, according to "international commercial arbitration New York Convention", can be recognized in 156 countries and regions, compared to legal proceedings, arbitration has become an important means to solve the dispute in China "The Belt and Road along. Wang Chengjie said, the future will start to strengthen research along the national arbitration system The Belt and Road ", and promote" national arbitration organization The Belt and Road along cooperation, strengthen the justice of "The Belt and Road related arbitration cases, through resolving conflicts and disputes China power enterprises" going out". (end)相关的主题文章: