The price of 64 cities and new houses in the 70 city is going up, and the price of the whole country-roselip

The price of 64 cities and new houses in the 70 city is going up around the country, and the national house prices will be stable yesterday. The National Bureau of statistics has released the house price data of the 70 large and medium cities in the last month. The data show that in August, the prices of newly built commercial houses in 70 large and medium cities were 64, with a proportion of more than 9. In the second hand house, there are 57 cities in the 70 large and medium cities. Liu Jianwei, a senior statistician of the city Bureau of the National Bureau of statistics, pointed out that the price increase of new commercial housing and second-hand housing in the one or two and three tier cities has been widened than that of last month. Data show that the average growth rate of new commercial housing in the 70 cities is up to 1.26%, while the average value of second-hand housing is 0.89%. Lu Wenxi, an analyst at a real estate market in Shanghai, said the rise in the first line of cities in August was accelerating. The first half of the second half of the city has been narrowing, in August is the weak season, but the weak season is not weak. Shanghai in August led a line of cities, new housing prices rose by 5.2%, a 3.8 percentage point increase than in July. In the second line city, Zhengzhou has become a leader with a sudden rise of 5.6%. Lu Wenxi said that from the national point of view, in August, the volume of the second-hand housing volume was on the rise. Among them, the new housing market ended at a four month decline and finally recovered, while the second-hand housing market continued to rise for second months, and the growth rate was further expanded. High prices were born in Zhengzhou, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Wuxi and other places this month, and the prices of some urban plots were recorded. The land market upsurge has maintained for about half a year and has been spreading to the surrounding areas by the central hot cities. Although some cities have introduced limited purchase limit measures, the market has a reasonable return in the short term, but the follow-up will return to the upward trend. The vice president of the real estate group said that the Statistics Bureau’s data showed that the national property market was rising in August. On the one hand, the real estate market of a growth cycle in about 18 months, from 330 last year to the new deal now, just near the time of 18 months, August rose to a certain extent the market upward towards the end of the accelerating to catch the top; on the other hand, the market in March this year after record highs, the market start a cooling, first-tier cities trading volume fell, rose continuously narrowed market in the months of wait-and-see period. For the trend of house prices in September, the people in the industry believe that the probability of a steady trend is still the biggest. In addition, the housing price data in August will probably lead to the government’s attention and strict measures. Monetary policy will usually tighten at the end of the year, and the probability that housing prices will continue to rise substantially is not large. In the rest of 2016, housing prices will stabilize in the whole country. In the first ten of the provincial capital house prices, there are seven people who have bought a house to buy a house and raise their house prices (this video is only for extension) to move their fingers, at any time inquiring about traffic illegal! Sweep a two-dimensional code below, pay attention to the Tencent. Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

70城中64城新房价格环比上涨 全国房价将趋于稳定 昨天,国家统计局发布了上个月70个大中城市房价数据。数据显示,8月份70个大中城市中新建商品房价格环比上涨的城市有64个,比例超9成。二手房方面,70个大中城市中价格环比上涨的城市有57个。国家统计局城市司高级统计师刘建伟指出,分城看,一、二、三线城市新建商品住宅和二手住宅价格环比涨幅均比上月有所扩大。数据显示,70大城市新建商品房住宅平均环比涨幅高达1.26%,二手房住宅平均环比涨幅高达0.89%,刷新了单月上涨历史纪录。上海一地产市场分析师卢文曦表示,8月份一线城市涨幅出现加快。下半年以来一线城市环比涨幅有收窄迹象,8月是淡季,却出现淡季不淡的格局。上海8月领跑一线城市,新房价格环比上涨5.2%,比7月涨幅扩大3.8个百分点。二线城市中,郑州异军突起成为领跑者,环比上涨5.6%。卢文曦表示,从全国来看,8月一二手房成交量均环比上升。其中新房市场结束了持续四个月的下滑之势,终于止跌回升;而二手房市场则持续第二个月成交量上升,且增幅进一步扩大。郑州、珠海、广州、无锡等地均在本月诞生高价地,且部分城市地块价格刷新纪录。土地市场热潮维持了大约有半年之久,并呈现由中心热点城市不断向周围地区蔓延之势。尽管部分城市出台限购限贷措施,短期之内市场出现合理回归,但后续或将重回上行态势。地产集团副总裁对此表示,统计局的数据说明8月全国楼市呈现出了普涨现象。一方面,房地产市场的一轮增长周期一般在18个月左右,从去年330新政到现在,时间恰恰临近18个月,8月的普涨一定程度上是市场向上接近尾声时的加速赶顶;另一方面,今年3月市场创下新高后,市场开始了一定的降温,一线城市交易量下跌,涨幅连续收窄,市场处在了几个月的观望期。对于9月的房价走向,业内人员认为会趋向平稳的概率仍然最大。此外,8月的房价数据也很可能会引发政府的重视和从严举措,加上货币政策通常会在年底收紧,房价持续较大幅度上涨的可能性并不大,2016年剩下的时间,全国房价将趋于稳定。 省会房价前十有七个已限购 外地人买房炒房抬高房价 (此视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: