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The pilot system of criminal cases punishment leniency to your concern here – Sohu news of legal person, what is the biggest news? Silver is not rape and murder case cracked, one hundred million is not the richest man Wang Jianlin "theory". But in August 29th the twelve session of the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress on the "high" will be "on the authorization to carry out some areas of criminal cases pleaded guilty punishment pilot work" lenient draft decision submitted for consideration, the NPC Standing Committee will discuss and review the draft. It means that the decision in the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee to test the water, put forward "improving the criminal penalty system in confession", a key step, also will have a profound impact on our country’s criminal case handling mode! Do not believe? Look down — what is the guilty penalty leniency system? Listen to how strong the judge said: Zhou pleaded guilty to penalty important leniency system is the need for timely effective punishment of crimes and maintaining social stability, to encourage and guide the criminal suspect or defendant voluntarily truthfully confessed crimes, more timely and effectively punish crime; implement the criminal policy of combining punishment with leniency, strengthen the judicial protection of human rights the need to implement the principle of suiting punishment, to fully protect the criminal defendant’s litigation rights and substantive rights; optimize the allocation of judicial resources, to improve judicial justice and efficiency, is conducive to the rational allocation of judicial resources, ensure judicial justice in order to further improve the judicial efficiency; is the need to deepen the reform, the system of criminal litigation to construct a scientific system of criminal procedure, is conducive to promoting the system of criminal procedure It is necessary to improve the system of the procedure of criminal procedure, and to promote the reform of litigation system centered on trial. A pilot case is limited to the criminal suspect or defendant voluntarily truthfully confessed his crime, on the facts of the crime accused had no objection, agreed to the people’s Procuratorate sentencing proposal and signed the declaration of the case. The investigation organ and the people’s Procuratorate shall inform the criminal suspect of the litigation rights and the legal consequences that may be caused by the recognition and punishment of the guilty, and listen to the opinions of the criminal suspect and his defender or the duty lawyer. The people’s Procuratorate shall be charged and lenient punishment suggestions and other matters listen to the suspect and his lawyer or legal advice on duty. In order to ensure that the premise of the criminal suspect or defendant to obtain timely, adequate and effective legal aid under the voluntary confession penalty, prevent the innocent mistakes accountability, legal aid institutions in the people’s court, the detention center in legal aid duty counsel, to defend the people did not entrust the criminal suspect or defendant to provide legal advice and consultation program selection, application of coercive measures changes in legal aid. The pilot program reflects the guilty penalty procedure simple and substantive leniency, strengthen the supervision and control. Guilty penalty cases, there are major meritorious service or in cases involving the great interest of the state, the stage of investigation and prosecution to withdraw the case not to prosecute, set must be approved by the Ministry of public security or the Supreme People’s Procuratorate strict supervision procedure. In order to ensure the fair execution of penalty guilty leniency system, prevent judicial corruption problem of power trading, bartering, pilot scheme inquisition by torture investigators.相关的主题文章: