The owners are ignorant! How to drive the skylight on the highway to do (video)

The owners are ignorant! The highway driving skylight flew to have such a micro-blog how to do the sunroof of improper use of life threatening not long ago, micro-blog, the owner drove the car sunroof, should take wings to itself. Sunroof has been a lot of consumers like a configuration, even if a year may not open a few times, but with the feeling of the skylight is not the same grade. This accident has a bearing on the vehicle seal and the owner of the use of methods, today the master to give you a talk about the daily use of skylights should pay attention to what. No.1 manual sunroof lower costs are basically in the low price of the car, can not slide around, can only be opened up and down, so little to see, once in the QQ can be seen on the roof. No.2 sliding type skylight the accident is Kodak is the structure of the skylight, this structure can greatly save space, but the roof wind resistance, rain rain will open, along the glass pipe into the car and so on. And some models because the roof has a steel beam structure, so the structure can not use the skylight. Some friends may think that the roof will affect the stability of the entire roof, in fact, the skylight is actually able to play the role of reinforcement. In the case of a steel beam on the roof, it is usually not taken into account at the beginning of the design. Use No.3 built-in sunroof this kind of skylight is relatively wide, many popular models like POLO (ginseng, pictures, etc. inquiry) it is such a skylight, when it folded, hidden in the glass inside sandwich roof, the roof will occupy a certain space, and this type of roof sometimes. There is not received to the situation, but don’t worry, you only need to put in at the same time, pull down the roof on the line, so sometimes we inadvertently action may affect the shape of the roof, causing changes in the roof space. No. 4 panoramic sunroof panoramic sunroof can also be opened and can not open the two. At present, the market can be opened panoramic sunroof, a double skylight structure and spell type structure, the dual sunroof is generally only the front row can be opened. The advantage is that you can take care of each row of passengers, usually in the MPV and 7 SUV can be seen. The other is a spliced panoramic sunroof, with no obvious difference of the skylight segmentation and dual sunroof is intermediate, but are usually the front half part can be opened, because it looks more high-end, so they tend to appear in the three car or hatchback car. After the completion of the sunroof, you have to look at the use of skylights should pay attention to what! Do not pay attention to may have to take money out of repair! But please feel free to Nouveau riche. No.1 rainy days don’t rain do not open the window opening skylight is because rain will flow into the mechanical structure, in the course of time will cause the rust problem, even if it is to open there will be rain water in. Don’t open No.2 bumps skylight bumps in the road may cause a collision before the slide, for it may also cause damage to the roof. Don’t open the No.3 car sunroof to note that it is best to avoid direct spray skylight parts with water cannons, tai chi flow may cause the seal damage, affect the sealing effect. No.4 if there is a need to clear gum.相关的主题文章: