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Love college endowment conference opening ceremony — the success of public welfare — October 9, 2016 at Chongyang, conference the big endowment of Humanistic Love Love college endowment center held a grand opening ceremony college, Tianjin public leadership, from education, health, agriculture and other sectors of the love of the chief expert and international famous college experts and scholars, pension customers thousand people attended the event to witness the love Academy of this annual event. In the strong love of college atmosphere, on the same day to the leaders and guests to experience the unique charm of the type of pension, in the love of college endowment center experience rich and colorful courses, participate in the high level of cultural activities, feelings of life and cultural facilities, high-end hardcover apartments and living for the elderly housekeeper services. The concept of "academy experience personally on the scene of old-age pension" is the innovation, leadership and guests praise. At the ceremony, Li Dayan, President of Klc Holdings Ltd, welcome and thank all the guests present, and together with the leaders from all walks of life and the chief experts of the University of love, we unveil the pension center. During the period, the magnificent building show with the background of the old age Center for the University of great love shows the beautiful vision of the future great love Academy. The spirit of comprehensive rich happy old age, old music, worthiness, searching for youthful interest, re blooming life value, let happiness pension is not only hold hands with you the warmth of dependency, became a new starting point in life. The host interviewed Zhao Jianzhong, the founder of the Academy of classical learning and Dean of the great AI Academy. He talked about "happy old age". It is a good vision to create the great AI academy, and it is also the fundamental purpose of exploring academy endowment in practice. The elderly are the people who give the most and most contribution to the society, and they should also receive more social happiness in return. The years give older people a stronger sense of life and wisdom, and the value and influence of the old people to the society are great. The quality of their life is not only related to the happiness of the elderly, but also an important issue about the social happiness index. Through joint efforts, the great love academy will become a lively learning paradise, a charming spiritual home and a reluctant place to leave. The chief expert representative of the University of great love also gave a high degree of evaluation to the college style old age. Through such a platform of Da Ai academies, many dynamic and dream elderly people realize their dream when they are young, and they are shocked by their valuable and vigorous life style. In the future, they will fully cooperate with the University of great love to create a platform for the cooperation and exchange of international education for the elderly, and will spare no effort to support the great love academy to go to the world. The opening ceremony climax in the grand fireworks show, which makes every person shocked and endless. The love college endowment center grand opening, fully demonstrated the great love academy endowment different cultural connotation and meaning endowed with beautiful future old age life, love the new concept of college endowment successful landing, more aging Chinese into endless vitality! Industry dynamic for the purpose of transferring more information posted this article that does not agree with their views or confirm the description. The contents of the article are for reference only. Please send a letter to the chinaxiaofei2013@126 mailbox. (Zi Rui, Shi Yaqiao: the early commissioning editor)

大爱书院式养老模式发布会开业仪式圆满成功–公益–人民网   2016年10月9日,正值重阳,大爱书院式养老模式发布会暨大爱书院养老中心开业仪式盛大举行,京津冀各界领导,来自教育、医疗卫生、农业等各行业的大爱书院首席专家及国际著名的专家、学者、养老客户等千余人参加了盛大的活动共同见证大爱书院这一年度盛事。   在浓浓的大爱书院的氛围中,当天到场的领导和嘉宾体验了书院式养老的独特魅力,在大爱书院养老中心体验丰富多彩的课程、参与高水准的特色文化活动、感受高端的生活文化设施、精装公寓以及生活管家为长者提供的服务,身临其境体验“书院式养老”这一创新的养老理念,领导及嘉宾纷纷好评。   仪式现场,大爱城投资控股有限公司总裁李大彦欢迎并感谢到场的各位嘉宾,并与各界领导及大爱书院首席专家共同为养老中心揭幕。期间,以大爱书院养老中心为背景的绚丽震撼的楼体秀展示了未来大爱书院的美好愿景。精神全面富足的幸福晚年,老有所乐,老有所为,重寻青春年少时的兴趣,重新绽放人生价值,让幸福养老不仅仅是执子之手与子偕老的温暖相依,更成为人生中一个全新的起点。   主持人现场采访书院式养老创始人、大爱书院院长赵建忠先生,他谈到“老了更幸福”是创立大爱书院的美好愿景,也是实践中探索书院式养老的根本目的。老年人是为社会付出最多、贡献最多的人,他们也理所应当得到社会更多的幸福的回报。岁月赋予老年人更强的生活感悟力和智慧,老年人给予社会的价值意义和影响力是巨大的。他们的生活上质量如何,不仅关乎于老年人的幸福,更是一个关乎社会幸福指数的重要问题。通过共同努力,大爱书院将成为一所富有活力的学习乐园,一个充满魅力的精神家园,一处不愿离开的世外桃源。   大爱书院首席专家代表也对于大爱书院式养老给予了高度评价。通过大爱书院这样的平台,让很多有活力和梦想的老年人实现他们年轻时的梦想,他们那种有价值、有生命力的生活方式,让他很受震撼。未来他们将全力配合大爱书院在国际老年教育合作交流平台的打造,不遗余力支持大爱书院走向世界。   开业庆典在盛大的烟花表演中达到高潮,让现场每一个人震撼且回味无穷。此次大爱书院养老中心盛大开幕,全面展现出大爱书院式养老不一样的文化内涵以及赋予未来老年生活的美好寓意,大爱书院全新养老理念的成功落地,更为老龄化中国注入了无尽的活力!   行业动态出于传递更多信息之目的登载此文,并不意味赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,新闻纠错或爆料请发信至:chinaxiaofei2013@126信箱。 (责编:初梓瑞、史雅乔)相关的主题文章: