The old man left jiumingqian rural credit cooperatives employees back to Beijing – regardless of

The old man left "jiumingqian" rural credit cooperatives employees back to Beijing, regardless of the weather – Sichuan online news (Sichuan online reporter Deng Bin Peng Heng?) when the owner Liu Popo from ancient credit cooperatives hand pick a pedestrian negligence and rehabilitation of saving money 2700 yuan in cash, moved to tears. This is a true story of a daily work division of ancient Shifang credit union credit cooperatives in the lost cash from the customer to the "back", with only 90 minutes to go. The old man lost 2700 yuan "jiumingqian" in September 18th 10 in the morning, in order to give the home of his wife Liu mother to see a doctor, the rain came to the division of the credit cooperatives cash withdrawal 6100 yuan. See the old age is relatively large, especially to remind the teller on duty Caution!, it will try to keep the cash charge. After getting the cash, Liu Popo went to the customer waiting area was re inventory. Which know Liu Popo in some money when he lost some of the cash to the seat between, until the lobby ushers Liu Popo missing cash found in clean health hall, after the scene counted a total of 2700 yuan. In the face of the equivalent of two months of wages, windfall, but did not move to the lobby of the guide, timely reporting. Director of the branch teller on duty immediately arrange check certificate, access control, we agreed that "this is the general farmer whole family living expenses for a year, the customer must find it as soon as possible!" Nongxin staff timely back to the "life-saving money" in access to surveillance after confirmation, division of ancient credit cooperatives a several people in the rain before, a few some trouble to find the house of Liu Popo. The 94 year old Liu Popo and his wife lived in about 40 square meters of Park House, home is very simple, 2700 yuan for two people is not a small number, over the years, Liu mother has been hard to live frugally, saved some money, are now suffering from diabetes wife is waiting for the money to cure, for Liu mother-in-law their home, the money is saving money". The staff in the neighborhood led down to Liu Po husband, also do not know the missing money Liu Popo heard that the staff had come, immediately put money out the inventory, found less than 2700 yuan, the staff confirmed in view of its cash receipt, cash will be returned to the old Liu Popo, tears of excitement can not say a complete sentence, just kept bowing and saying "thank you! Thank you!" said the person in charge of the credit cooperatives, the agricultural letter as a service type enterprise itself has social attribute, should be more enthusiastic, sincere, careful and thoughtful "into a furnace, with first-class quality service embodies the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly.相关的主题文章: