The old jets had to admit to the Lakers coach himself but he turned me down.

The old jets had to admit to himself: the Lakers coach but he refused me Terry sina sports news Beijing time on August 31st, the newly joined Milwaukee bucks guard Jason Terry said in an interview recently, decided to sign with the Bucks, he took the initiative to contact the Lakers coach Luke – Walton, expressed to join the team willingness to it, but the latter is firmly refused him. "I give my good friend Luke Walton by telephone, I told him that if he needs help, need a rich experience and leadership and can join the team coach at the end of the contract after the person’s words, I am quite willing to work for him." Terry said, "although Walton finally firmly refused me, but I respect his decision." It is reported that trieben and Walton want to play cards, because they were University of Arizona players, although they were once a teammate. The 38 year old jet final choice and Milwaukee bucks signed in young bucks, Terry will play the role of his mouth, along with some three points of fire on the bench, more is to provide experience and guidance for young players. But there are many young players in the offseason, the Lakers, has introduced the Mo Jose – Calderon, Goff, Luol Deng timofeew’s Rhodes and Yi Jianlian experienced players, also do not lack the locker room of opinion leaders. Maybe that’s why Walton turned down Terry. (Andy Lau)相关的主题文章: