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The new model of forest regeneration becomes handsome take little brother Zhao Liying unlock fashion this clown dare more adorable? Another popular IP was adapted into a TV series! Lin update, Zhao Liying starred in the TV series "secret" Chu Joe "since since boot, has become a strong typhoon by its popularity, high production team, the content of the story very attractive, highly anticipated! "Chu Joe biography" Zhao Liyinglin boot update change clown recently, Zhao Liying has released a micro-blog, with the text "the takeaway is really delicious, thank you!" , with a picture and a takeaway, takeaway brother photos. And so on…… The little brother is not so familiar, Lin update classmates! Yes, starred in the TV series "secret" Chu Joe biography "is hot shot updated by Zhao Liying and Lin, Lin update avatar take little brother sent takeaway, Wuli Bao Ying is also quite fun to eat. Of course, this is not the story…… According to the characters in the original novel, this is a female agent across the great Xia Dynasty is a 8 year old slave who, to quell a dynasty of bloody, a story of prosperity. The main set is Chuqiao blood girl agents, the male is a stubborn cold Yu Yue family childe. By acting online, Zhao Lin two co star, costumes is quite reliable, it is absolutely seductive combination! Even if the occasional style deviation, and Yan value support. "Secret" Chu Joe biography "the top team has been the play full industry praise, fans look forward to. Open class on the same day, a rival to Zhao Liying and Lin update, the highly anticipated new CP for the first time with a box. Staged two male strong female strong fight scenes, the movie was known as "a clown", than acting will occasionally give "scripts for the crew". Zhao Liying small meat foot Xinmeng? The actress was so lovely in want of perfection starring Lin Gengxin, Zhao Liying, Li Qin, Dou Xiao when asked to see if you have entered the stage of blackening from clothes dress, Lin update God response said: "the day is too hot, tan". Zhao Liying in order to "Chu Joe" had also lost 8 pounds, when asked if the forest update would go to eat dinner, Zhao Liying blunt said: "eat, eat on the first day he sent the hot strip, and ice cream". Star is the clown even, can not bear this drama also administrative micro-blog brain hole wide open…… Funny than to tease than, Jia sister also really admire the dedication of the actors. "Chu Joe" when shooting dog days, continued high temperatures, the stars wearing heavy costumes seriously on the show, many times repeated play action is still calm. Zhao Liying works with the "upright girl" strength circle powder Click to play GIF 809K said efforts and dedication, Wuli Bao Ying, really is number one! Since his debut, from the controversial to become the new benchmark, a small public viewing acting for the people, such as cute "full" is how to develop? Listen carefully to your sister for Scarlett… With… Acting conquer you in the new version of "Princess", Zhao Liying plays Wen Wan and sunny princess, emerge in the entertainment circle. Is the "Ma Lu Zhen legend" as female one "Lu Zhen", featuring actress Zhao Liying for the first time, she will not let you down, this inspirational, dedicated to love the role of penetrating flower相关的主题文章: