The new BMW 1 series sports car Guangzhou auto show world premiere-yezimei

The new BMW 1 series sports car of the Guangzhou auto show world debut Phoenix Automotive News fourteenth Guangzhou international automobile exhibition will open this month on the day before the end, BMW officially announced that its new 1 series sports car will also unveiled at the Guangzhou auto show, usher in the world premiere. The new 1 series sports car BMW group is a new model China young design based on customer requirements, with fashionable appearance, the passion of the "core", and the technology trend of cool. The new BMW 1 sport sedan is the latest BMW. Smooth roofline long engine cover and a coupe like appearance has a very coordinated new 1 line sports car, is higher than the traditional BMW three sedan model of the engine cover and the luggage compartment cover let car looks very strong. The design of headlights and taillights followed BMW classic elements, "halo" headlights with a new hexagonal design with straight and sharp light eyebrows, very sharp. L taillights with full of sense of design as a stereo line echo, is matched with the fashion Master perfect cool equipment. The interior, the new BMW 1 series sports car continuation of the BMW classic design concept, but compared with the hatchback version of the car, the car console more stretch screen in the control position has been down, so that drivers can have a better view. All black interior color to create a good sense of movement, and the use of silver trim plate also has a good performance of the new car at the same time. The new BMW 1 series sports car not only has a BMW iconic sports chassis tuning, but also equipped with a leading technology, strong power, rapid response to the latest generation of BMW turbocharged engine. From before the exposure of the news, the new car will provide three drive version selection, which 118I models will be equipped with 1.5T turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 136 horsepower; 120i and 125I models will be equipped with different adjustable 2.0T engine, the maximum power of 192 horsepower, after the maximum power of 231 horsepower. It is reported that in addition, the new BMW 1 series sports car driving interconnection based function will cover intelligent emergency rescue, road rescue, remote customer service, customer care center and connecteddrive online store and other commonly used functions, ten years free. With models can also enjoy enhanced connecteddrive services, journey consultation, real-time traffic display and other high-end value-added services.相关的主题文章: