The new benefits of a single dog lie on the bed and can be massaged automatically steam_api.dll

The new welfare single dog lying in bed can automatically massage face now life more and more pressure, everyone has his own way of relaxing. For example, people will choose to exercise, someone will listen to music or read a book, and there may be some people who don’t want to do what, just want to be comfortable lying motionless. And to lie comfortably naturally is to have a good bed, Tibetan Bed a smart and comfortable massage bed, may be a good choice for patients with severe cancer lazy. You may have heard of music therapy, that is, through rhythmic pulse vibration, to achieve a special relaxation effect, and this relaxation can play a soothing role in our nerves. The Tibetan Bed is a music meditation vibration function of the massage bed, through the unique sound experience and rhythm rhythm of different vibration, so that the spirit and the physical control, bring the perfect meditation experience. It is understood that the use of Tibetan Bed handmade, but also built a unique musical sound and speakers, with the music so that the whole body and mind can be relaxed. Tibetan Bed through the calibration of special frequency sound, such as the crystal clock, can be the most natural, suitable for the music to match the vibration frequency of Tibetan Bed. The vibration of the Tibetan Bed can be dynamically changed according to the frequency of the music, and let the sound according to the principles of human engineering, through the way of vibration to more effective massage our body. Of course, Tibetan Bed voice and music can also be carried out through the smart phone APP, including volume control, playback pause control. In addition to WiFi by connecting the APP control with a mobile phone, Tibetan Bed can also be connected with USB and audio interface, and even other sources like DVD, CD and microphone etc.. The goal of life just lying in the people, as long as you spend less than ten thousand yuan, you can comfortably lay completely relax.相关的主题文章: