The movie theme song big get together attention made topic is not high – sung

The movie theme song "big" get together     attention made topic is not high – sung entertainment channel — original title: finale is hard to keep from Jay Chou, Eason Chan to Joker, then to Zhang Jie, Jike Juan Yi, Dou Jingtong…… Since this summer, many movie theme selected singers from all the big line to the popular new cover. But reporters found that these songs sung and popularity are not satisfactory. The industry believes that the main task of the film the movie theme song is the manufacturing topic, in the information explosion of the environment, the creation of environmental impetuous, while the film itself will also affect the quality of quality "theme song, the film itself is not viable, but not the theme song sung by request". The phenomenon of A with star theme song title in 2011 to see heavy Zhang Yibai movie "love will be carried out in the end" was released, Faye Wong with the song "because of love" for the first time amid the movie’s theme song, let the fans crazy for a. In 2013, Faye Wong continued to hold the friends of the field, as Zhao Wei’s debut film "we eventually lost youth" open throat. Since then, Zhang Yibai modeled on, before the release of the movie "rush that year", and asked Faye Wong to sing the theme song of the same name, in less than 3 days to achieve about 10000000 times the amount of play, Zhang Ziyi, Eason Chan, Hsu Chi forwarding attracted more than 70 stars in micro-blog. Theme song of the heat also led to the expectations of users of the film, the film did not reflect the first fire. In addition to Faye Wong’s film songs, does the birth of a number of such as "little apple", "" sung high degree never ever meet again to promote the work, the film played an important role. This big please sing the theme song to enhance film heat way inspired many creative film, so that now many movies are showing before they find the big stars round the theme song of the propaganda. From the summer of this year since many films are used in this way, Eason Chan as the "big fish," Begonia "our ten years" vocals, letter, Hua Chenyu, Ku Kui Kei respectively, "" siege "," the Apostle Walker "crazy little thing called love" open throat, even the Hollywood blockbuster "Pirates of the Caribbean shaking group 2" and "Star Trek 3" do not forget, Chinese pop star Jay Chou, help Zhang Jie to sing the theme song. The daughter of Dou Jingtong and Faye Wong in the movie "last July and she" co wrote and sang the theme song of the movie for the first time it is caused by the parties concerned. Analysis of B with hot marketing can not lose in fact as long as with hot topic, with star movie theme song is a can not lose business. Dou Jingtong for the film "July and still" creation "(It’s not a crime It’s just what we do") and MV on September 2nd officially open. As of this morning, the reporter found that this song just clicks on a Baidu music platform has reached 85 thousand, compared to hits and his mother Faye Wong sang "that year a hurry in the Baidu music on the difference of more than 20 thousand, while the latter has been extended for two years. Dou Jingtong comes with hot identity, and psychedelic and Yang Fan)相关的主题文章: