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The mother son was the mother of former boyfriend cut the suspect has surrendered to the original title: Taojiang mother and her ex boyfriend knife wounded suspects have surrendered net Taojiang station February 16th news (correspondent Wang Peng) before the Spring Festival, a high school student in Taojiang County bears Moumou to save his mother, was the mother of former boyfriend with a knife chopped the news of a great shock in the the society. After the efforts of Taojiang county public security police, in February 14th, the suspect man learned a cloud arrested and legally detention, bear and his mother and other injuries are also stable. The evening of February 6, 2016, call sound strange sound and mother suddenly heard in the room to review the lessons of the bear XX, immediately went out and found his mother covered in blood, mother’s ex boyfriend Xi a cloud is still holding a knife to the mother’s body scarification. Bear so eager to save the mother, rushed forward to snatch a hand regardless of personal danger in Xi dagger. In the confusion, bear certain abdomen, a knife stabbed in the hand, the abdominal stab ribs, hurt liver, lung. Xiong mother see her son in distress, hold back the pain, cling to a cloud, let the son go to the outside for help. The bear from Moumou suspects, ran out of the house to the local people after police found the suspect a cloud has managed to flee the scene. After receiving the alarm, pine pond police station and the County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade police give up the eve of the lunar new year, Spring Festival and family reunion, for many days investigation search, and many times to do a cloud family work. In the afternoon of February 13th, the police finally got through a phone call, persuaded, learning a cloud that he could not escape, willing to surrender. In the public security organs, Xi Yun confessed his crimes. Xi a cloud and bear the maternal relationship, two people have to break up, the night of February 6th, a cloud for learning complex rejected heart grievances, sneaked into the bear through the back door, led to this tragedy. In the morning of February 14th, Xi Yun was arrested according to law, and the case is still under investigation. Editor in chief: Li Tianyi

儿子救母被母亲前男友砍伤 嫌疑人已自首   原标题:桃江母子被前男友持刀砍伤 嫌疑人已自首   红网桃江站2月16日讯(通讯员 王鹏)春节前,桃江县一中高三学生熊某某为救母亲,被母亲前男友持刀砍伤的消息在社会上影响很大的震撼。经桃江县公安干警的努力,2月14日,嫌疑男子习某云落网并被依法刑拘,熊某某和母亲目前伤情也已稳定。   2016年2月6日晚,在房中复习功课的熊某某忽然听到异样的声响和母亲的呼叫声,立即出门查看,发现母亲浑身是血,母亲前男友习某云还在持刀向母亲身上乱刺。熊某某救母心切,奋不顾身冲向前抢夺习某云手中的匕首。混乱中,熊某某腹部、手上各被刺了一刀,腹部那刀刺穿肋骨,伤及肝、肺。熊母见儿子遇险,忍住伤痛,死死抱住习某云,让儿子到外求助。熊某某挣脱嫌疑人,跑到屋外求助,当地群众发现后报警,嫌疑人习某云已趁乱逃离现场。   接到报警后,松木塘派出所与县公安局刑侦大队民警放弃除夕、春节与家人的团聚,连续多日侦查搜索,并多次做习某云家人工作。2月13日下午,民警终于打通了习某云电话,经劝说,习某云表示自己逃无可逃,愿意自首。在公安机关,习某云对自己的犯罪事实供认不讳。习某云与熊母系恋爱关系,两人已分手,2月6日晚,习某云求复合被拒,心生不忿,从后门潜入熊家,酿成了这一悲剧。   2月14日凌晨,习某云被依法刑拘,该案还在进一步侦办之中。 责任编辑:李天奕相关的主题文章: