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The more you will "," the more children taught, "do not pay attention to"! Sohu mother and child you know how to live, children love how much life. The more you do, the more children do not pay attention to! Generous, I is the best girl education. I have a friend, medium appearance, college graduate, the ability to work in general, but married very well. The other girls surprised, have attributed this to the fate. But I know, she has a different place. The first meeting, she gave me the feeling is very warm, very tidy. Later, I introduced her to my male friends, they agreed that the "very clean girl, although not very beautiful". She is the kind of weekend at home, have to dress in neat woman, even wearing pajamas for yourself, also want to pay attention to comfort and beauty. Every time we go shopping to buy clothes, she picked out all magazine Street feeling, and I bought out is quite satisfactory, not fault is not what characteristics. So, no matter when I go to school or work, everyone says I look like a teacher. Although I have been self comforting, attributed this to me the scroll breath. But obviously, they’re talking about the clothes I wear. But they don’t know a lot of teachers are better than me. She is going to clean up the room, for example, I never knew that the small closet can pick up then in order; the original electric pot below put a towel to prevent water flow everywhere; the original can also use wool knit table beautiful collision angle. I’ve learned how to make a good living and how to be a woman. Then there is a time to go to her house, only to know that life is so particular about her, from a small town, parents do a small business in the county town. The house is rented, two small, but their lives are not rented. Her mother keeps a smooth and clean hair, very small, but clean up clean, the clothes is not necessarily more expensive, but very decent. At that time I knew that the mother’s quality of life will be branded a deep imprint on her daughter. A few days ago to send Han Han to go to school, I found a mother wearing pajamas in the nursery stairs. At that time it was quite a surprise for the mother. In fact, children at a very young age of beauty. Han Han Han remember more than 8 months, she was wearing a new dress, she saw a man pointing to the clothes, said: "drift, drift," a person who praised her clothes, happy to laugh. Now I grow up, love is a mirror, smug love. My lipstick and eyebrow was often her curse, when I put pencil to hide, she had painted eyebrows. Once I bought a pair of Leather Pink high heels, she came home from school to see after the surprise shouted: "ah, mom, you this pair of shoes is too beautiful, pink, or high heels, so beautiful, I can wear?" I haven’t even opposed, she put on "Da Da Da go two times". Very strange why she can stabilize? In order to set a good example for her, I began to make my life better相关的主题文章: