The Mercedes Benz SLK makes you feel in the sea – Sohu mkdv-02

The Mercedes SLK make you feel in the car in the sea Sohu Benz SLK55 AMG in appearance with the ordinary version of the SLK obvious difference is that the former has increased a lot of AMG sports package on the basis of the original, the sportier, more in line with the high performance positioning SLK55 AMG. Benz SLK55AMG due to the body and face shape constraints, SLK 55 headlights unable to stereo or form a sense of the level of performance, the tile is the best choice in the machine cover, water droplets will also shape visual focus after the shift, to reflect the sense of speed. This car Mercedes Benz SLK class 55 AMG two door coupe, the man who bought it or I believe that girls have a particular personality of the majority of people, the sea blue color make you feel like being in the sea and endless, there are some white 3D decals on the side of the body, let you see distant vision will have some sense of shock, and give you a sense of what this place is not posted, primer directly exposed, but close to see, this car will give you a very gentle feeling. Refit vehicle project list changed color: the Bahamas Lan Zhenzhu white white original statement: This is the network changed original works, reproduced please indicate the source, welcome friends to share to my circle of friends. The forefront of domestic and international car modification information, the latest wave of the most modified car culture, search and attention to change the network micro signal gtuucom"相关的主题文章: