The media bloodletting treatment of Xu Ting’s Chinese is where sacred tamiflu

Media: bloodletting treatment of Xu Ting "Chinese" is where sacred to Xu Ting life than Chinese medicine, be the name of "Chinese medicine" under the guise of fraud, as Wei Zexi is not looking for western medicine, is hanging "western advanced therapy signboard" Putian liar. The 26 year old actress Liao Baoping in September 7th, Xu Ting died of cancer and died in Beijing, it is reported that Xu Ting had refused to accept chemotherapy, choose acupuncture, scraping, cupping, Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine and let her vegetarian. Later, her sister issued a statement saying that the final sister or received chemotherapy in western medicine, and bluntly: had been so many swindlers to cheat to do the chemotherapy now." After the death of Xu Ting, for the beautiful life of the early death of regret, while the treatment of his lifetime caused many questions, triggering a new round of Chinese and Western medicine war". I prefer the superficial "traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine as a" war "of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, because the mutual black academic discussion this is not medicine, but each other is not mixed and disadvantages. Of course the mood. Most importantly, this "mutual black" on the surface like a professional discussion, often misleading common people, Xu Ting is one of the victims. The Chinese people believe, or behind a commercially driven, special black western medicine, especially against chemotherapy: people without cure, especially pain, radiation to kill cancer cells, but also kill healthy cells, while traditional Chinese medicine treatment is mild, not so painful. Of course, there is a very important one in the black western medicine, is to promote the high cost of chemotherapy, cheap Chinese medicine treatment. Western medicine to spend a huge amount of medical expenses but can not save life, chicken fly eggs and play; Chinese medicine treatment is simple, do not have to bear a heavy burden on the family back. Take a look, these words are true, chemotherapy is similar to "fight", spend a lot of money finally helpless to go more, Chinese medicine therapy to relieve pain, prolong the life of the case seems to have. But to what extent is cancer early, intermediate or advanced? Is lung cancer, lymphoma, digestive tract cancer, breast cancer? Different conditions, different diseases, chemotherapy is certainly not the same. Western medicine treatment of breast cancer can basically say that there is no problem. "The biggest professional ethics of Chinese medicine and Western medicine is to save one’s life as much as possible, and to provide the best treatment plan for the patient." According to expert analysis, Xu Ting is suffering from T lymphoblastic lymphoma and malignant lymphoma, is originated in the lymphoid system spread to all parts of the body in the contemporary is one of the malignant tumors, malignant tumors can be cured. Why Xu Ting gave up chemotherapy at the beginning? Tell her own micro-blog: I’ve seen your chemotherapy helped Sihan life after Qin @ still die…… I don’t want to be tortured badly again rencailiangkong chemotherapy. Because she said: parents of seven children were born, I was the third, from the university has their own money to pay tuition, the university did not finish with 300 blocks began to drift North cellar, five years to the life to earn money to pay tuition, filming brother to pay the rent, buy a house, pay for their parents…… "Countless late filming, tired of the lumbar disc herniation is winter 7相关的主题文章: