The management right of taxi in Shaanxi will be completely free of use and shall not change the mana ghost observer

Shaanxi taxi franchise will be fully implemented free use may not change the main business of Xinhua News Agency Xi’an September 20th news (reporter Shi Zhiyong) reporter learned from the Shaanxi provincial government, Shaanxi province will be in accordance with the "overall excellent service, promoting reform, maintaining stability and strong regulatory requirements issued taxi reform plan, which clearly put forward the right to operate a taxi will be free use. The taxi reform program clear, the right to operate a taxi will be implemented to add or update the time limit, from Shaanxi province "on deepening the reform of the taxi industry to promote the healthy development of the implementation of opinions" issued, the full implementation of free use, and shall not change the main business. To develop from paid configuration transition to free use of the province before the end of 2016, the transition time of science; suggestions to the quality of service reputation oriented management, service quality, there are significant safety accidents or serious violations and other issues in the process of operation, according to the law to recover the right to operate. Shaanxi province will deepen the reform of taxi industry, and strive to achieve the province each city and county "in 5 years, with four" have the perfect system of management system, clear responsibilities of management institutions, full-featured integrated service area, supervision and effective management information system; in the service mode and strive to achieve the "four 100% that is," 100% parade car call, to provide APP services to provide the electronic payment; 100%; 100% the use of clean energy, new energy vehicles; 100% enterprises signed labor contracts or agreements in various forms and drivers. (Xinhua News Agency)

陕西出租车经营权将全部实行无偿使用 不得变更经营主体新华社西安9月20日专电(记者石志勇)记者从陕西省政府获悉,陕西省将按照“优服务、促改革、保稳定、强监管”的总体要求出台出租车改革方案,其中明确提出出租车经营权将实现无偿使用。该省出租车改革方案明确,新增或更新的出租汽车经营权将一律实行期限制,自陕西省《关于深化改革推进出租汽车行业健康发展的实施意见》颁布起,全部实行无偿使用,并不得变更经营主体。该省各地2016年底前要制定从有偿配置向无偿使用的过渡方案,科学确定过渡时间;建议今后以服务质量信誉为导向实施管理,在经营过程中存在重大服务质量、安全事故或严重违法等问题者,依法收回其经营权。陕西省将通过深化出租车行业改革,力争全省每个市县在5年内达到“四个具备”,即具备体系完善的管理制度、职责明确的管理机构、功能齐全的综合服务区、监管高效的管理信息系统;在服务方式等方面力争达到“四个100%”,即100%实现巡游车提供电召、APP服务;100%提供电子支付;100%使用清洁能源、新能源车辆;100%实现企业与驾驶员签订多种形式的劳动合同或协议。(新华社)相关的主题文章: