The man didn’t agree to break up 12 hours before the illegal detention of his girlfriend

Men do not agree to break up the illegal detention of ex girlfriend 12 hours of original title: drunk illegal detention of ex girlfriend 12 hours to be given a lighter punishment and sentenced to six months probation for one year for the Beijing morning news truthfully confessed crimes (reporter He Xin) 57 year old retired worker Zhao does not agree with your girlfriend, after drinking in emotion, will the girlfriend of illegal detention for up to 12 hours. The day before, the Fangshan court sentenced Zhao to the crime of illegal detention in prison for six months, suspended for one year. Zhao divorced many years ago, and then accidentally met the same age divorced woman Xiao Fang, two people soon developed into a love relationship. But because the Zhao family did not approve of the relationship between the two, and Xiao Fang and Zhao along the process found that two people do not fit, then broke up, but not willing to zhao. In May 15th last year, about 9 o’clock at night, drink Zhao came to Fangshan District Changyang Town, a district of the Xiao Fang home. Two people because of the problem of breaking up again contradictions, just chatted a few quarrel. Later, under the influence of alcohol, Zhao was out of control and threatened with words. Xiao Fang feel very afraid, ready to call the family to come over, who knows Zhao Mouyi grabbed the phone, don’t let Xiao Fang pick up the phone. In order to further control Xiao Fang, Zhao also use the means of threats to get Xiao Fang’s bank card and password. Tossing one night, two people still quarrel constantly, Zhao’s mood further broke out. In the early morning of the second day, Zhao actually used plastic rope and transparent tape to tie Xiao Fang’s hands and feet, and then threw Xiao Fang on the bed of the bedroom, and then left. At the same time, Zhao Xiao Fang’s bank card, house keys and residential access cassette go. See Zhao left, Xiao Fang began to find ways to save themselves. She tried to gnaw the ropes tied hands, then moved to the bedroom windows office for help. Fortunately, the patrol security guard heard Xiao Fang call for help, hastened to the police, rescued them. A week later, Zhao was summoned to the public security organ in custody. During the trial, Zhao confessed to his crime. The court held that Zhao’s unlawful detention of others constituted the crime of unlawful detention. In view of the defendant Zhao after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crime, may be given a lighter punishment. Finally, the court decided Zhao guilty of illegal detention, sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for one year. Editor in chief: Sun Ailin SN146

男子不同意分手非法拘禁前女友12小时   原标题:醉汉非法拘禁前女友12小时   因如实供述罪行被从轻处罚 被判徒刑六个月缓刑一年   北京晨报讯(记者 何欣)57岁的退休职工赵某不同意女友与其分手,在饮酒后情绪失控,将女友非法拘禁达12小时。日前,房山法院以非法拘禁罪判处赵某有期徒刑六个月,缓刑一年。   赵某多年前离异,此后偶然认识了同龄的离异女子晓芳,两人不久发展成恋爱关系。但由于赵某家人不同意两人的关系,加之晓芳与赵某相处过程中发现两人不太适合,于是提出分手,赵某却不愿意。   去年5月15日晚上9点左右,喝了点酒的赵某来到房山区长阳镇某小区内的晓芳家中。两人因为分手的问题再次发生矛盾,刚聊了几句就争吵起来。到后来,在酒精的作用下,赵某情绪失控,用言语威胁对方。晓芳感到很害怕,准备拨打电话叫家人过来,谁知赵某一把抢过手机,不让晓芳接打电话。为了进一步控制晓芳,赵某还采用威胁的手段拿到了晓芳的银行卡和密码。   折腾了一夜,两人仍然争吵不断,赵某的情绪进一步爆发。第二天一大早,赵某竟用塑料绳子和透明胶带将晓芳的手脚捆绑住,再把晓芳扔在卧室的床上,然后离开。同时,赵某将晓芳的银行卡、家门钥匙以及小区门禁卡带走。   见赵某离开后,晓芳开始想办法自救。她使劲全力将捆绑双手的绳子咬断,然后挪步到卧室飘窗处呼救。幸好小区巡逻的保安听到了晓芳呼救,赶紧报警,将其解救。   一周后,赵某被公安机关传唤到案。开庭审理中,赵某对自己的犯罪行为供认不讳。法院认为,赵某非法拘禁他人,其行为构成非法拘禁罪。鉴于被告人赵某到案后能如实供述其犯罪事实,可予以从轻处罚。最终,法院判决赵某犯非法拘禁罪,判处有期徒刑六个月,缓刑一年。 责任编辑:孙爱林 SN146相关的主题文章: