The man because of a trivial dispute stabbed fellow jailed for 14 years for 52000- Sohu news

The man because of a trivial dispute stabbed fellow jailed for 14 years for 52000- Sohu news because the fellow Cuimou fails to put away the number of parking spaces in the company outside the box of rice, Kang and other dispute, after holding the blade neck Cuimou wallpaper will scratch, eventually causing Cuimou death. Beijing morning news reporter was informed the day before, Beijing City Intermediate People’s Court of First Instance sentenced to intentional injury ginger to 14 years imprisonment, and compensation for the families of the deceased 5.2 yuan. The temporary office of rice fellow 28 year old victim Cui is a logistics self-employed, and 35 year old ginger is a fellow. Jiang confessed that he and Cui usually eat and drink together. The day before the incident, Choi said he had no place to put 200 boxes of rice, would like to place on the front door of the company. It is not allowed to inform the property, had been fined before. In the evening, a driver drove 200 boxes of rice to the logistics park to find ginger, said Cui let him put the meter unloaded in the office door. After consultation, Kang agreed to put 100 boxes, but the next morning must be away. In the end, the driver is still required to unload the 150 boxes, are placed in front of the company’s office parking spaces. The next day at 9 in the morning, Cui pulled away 50 cases of rice. More than 8 points that night, Jiang returned to the office, see the door and the rice, Cuimou must be urged to call away, otherwise a fine night. Choi asked him to tell the property again, two people for this dispute. "I don’t pull today. What’s wrong?" Choi said he hung up the phone. Two people argue that a person was zoned Jiang said that he used a hard shell wrapped in one of the end of a wallpaper blade, the other side exposed, wrapped on the desk. Twenty or thirty minutes later, Choi kicked the door and kicked him down on the desk. "I was so angry that I grabbed a thing from my desk and headed for his left neck". Kang after 120 calls and to the entrance of the company to find someone to rescue. Also find the person in charge of the logistics park, let the other alarm. Finally, Choi was sharp cutting neck caused by left internal jugular vein transection and left common carotid artery rupture caused by hemorrhagic shock and death. Danmou testimony showed that he usually help Cui pulled goods. The night of the incident, Cui let him drive to the incident the company, put the door placed in front of the rice loading to save. He drove to the logistics park, but got there, see Choi was lying in a pool of blood. Compensation for the families of the deceased 52000 trial, Jiang pleaded guilty, and his defender believes that Jiang Department of defense behavior too. During the trial, the relatives of relatives of the victims of compensation 13 thousand yuan jiang. The court held that Choi Kang did not carry tools to the office, even if he has a first Kang kick down the behavior, also did not reach the level of emergency use wallpaper blade defense, Kang can take other legal ways. Ginger in a dispute with other people because of trivia, holding a wallpaper blade deliberately hurt others body, and causing death, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional injury. In view of Kang surrender and other circumstances, the lighter punishment. Finally, an instance of intentional assault and sentenced to 14 years in prison for ginger, compensation for the families of the deceased 5.2 yuan. Beijing morning news reporter Yan Fei相关的主题文章: