The Low Down On Crime This Winter.-sunny came home

Home-Securtiy What’s the truth about Crime in the uk? Well everybody seems to have a different story to tell about it from The police do a wonderful job and its all other reports are exaggerated to the Problem is much worse than reported and the figures are massaged to make police performance appear better well what is the truth? The UK is such a vast area that there are bound to be differences in crime statistics area to area. Inner city crime statistics where there are more people per square mile than the middle of nowhere. It is also widely rumoured that Crime figures appear to be falling because nobody bothers to report crime any more as they have lost their faith in the police force. This is unlikely to be true as a lot of the commonly reported data is collected by the crime survey of England and Wales (formally British Crime Survey) where people are asked directly how they have been affected by crime regardless of whether it has been reported or not. There are faults in the CSEW ( crime survey of England and Wales) in that it it does not speak to people who live in sheltered accommodation, student halls , hospital, prison or hostels. These people represent some of the most vulnerable members of society and their contribution could be vital. It also only records crime against peoples 16 and over. One of the areas that there seems to be a genuine and undisputed rise in crime is shoplifting, Its hard not to chalk this up to the tougher times we live in and the austerity measures imposed on us. One crime that we all fear is Burglary. Having our homes invaded and our belongings ransacked feels so personal. Once someone has gained access to your home it can lead to a feeling of violation and destroy the feeling of safety and sanctuary that we all have at home. This emotional impact can be in many cases worse than losing possessions. Police forces in the south east of England have been running a joint anti burglary campaign offering advice on how to protect your home and possessions. During the winter months there is historically a rise in burglaries as the nights are darker and it provides more cover for burglars to operate. Also during the months leading up to Christmas we tend to bring a large amount of high value goods into our home as gifts in addition to our own gadgets and valuables. During the darker months make sure that you are doing all you can to protect your home by cutting back all overhanging trees and bushes to limit hiding places in your garden also make sure any ladders are chained up or even better put away in a shed. There is however no substitute for a good and well serviced smart home alarm such as the one offered by company Smart Home Protection which is a wireless home alarm and the future of home protection. It offers 2 way audio and CCTV monitoring and can be accessed wherever you are from an app on your smart phone. It’s far better to be safe than sorry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: