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The long march in Fujian Army: the name of a series of flash shine forever – Fujian Channel – original title: the long march in Fujian’s Army: a series of flash pen name made using homemade Red Army soldiers wounded Red Army Chiaki herbal medical appliances and acquisition of the Chinese Soviet Republic National Bank Silver Red Army the mortar wear Jingyuan use the red is not afraid of difficult expedition, the trials of a long journey only lightly. The Long March, the Central Red Army has 86 thousand people, including nearly 30 thousand children in Fujian. They served as trailbreaker or as a defender, the predator; some of them responsible for the enemy reconnaissance, some dedicated to deciphering the enemy some presided over the secret power, some take economic security. Xiangjiang, Wujiang, a breakthrough clever crossing Jinsha River, flying from Luding Bridge, to capture the natural barrier lazikou…… Fujian’s outstanding feats, the name of a series of flash, shine forever. Arrived in Northern Shaanxi, Fujian’s only more than 2 thousand people. In order to win the Long March, the children of Fujian made a significant contribution, to pay a huge sacrifice. Recently, sponsored by the Provincial Department of culture and other units of the "Long March Tiexue — Fujian children long history exhibition" in the Central Soviet Area (Fujian) History Museum, Longyan city archives also featured in the "Long March" children picture archives. Many precious photos, cultural relics and text materials for the first time to meet with the audience. To carry forward the great spirit of the Long March, the Red Army in mind especially the children of the Fujian valiant record of heroism, reporters capture some of the characters in the story, dedicated to the readers. Fu Lian?: the "red Hua Tuo" Fu? In Changting, the original is a Christian, and later joined the Communist Party of China. Before the Long March, he served as president of the Central Red hospital, President of the Chinese Soviet Republic National hospital. He is one of the founders of the people’s Liberation Army and the new Chinese Chinese health service. Fu Lian is with lung disease, stomach trouble to participate in the long march. He is responsible for the Red Army Medical and health work, known as the "Red Army of Hua Tuo". In March, the extremely difficult conditions of scarcity, he actively used materials, Chinese herbal medicine, treatment and health care work to carry out earthwork. A soldier writhed with pain in the stomach, Fu? The diagnosis is caused by eating unclean things, he poured the medicine nitrate bullet in let soldiers take a few minutes to pick up. Troops across the snow capped mountains, many soldiers wearing unlined garment, Fu? Logistics personnel procurement pepper for everyone to keep out the cold, to reduce non combat attrition. In the Tibetan inhabited areas, a serious threat to the Red Army soldiers were hurt in the cold. Fu? Find out way to soil effectively, saved the lives of many people, like Wang Shusheng, Shao Shiping, Kang Keqing, et al, are even personally cured the Fu?. The main way to him, with a cold fever, two is to let the patient drink tea. Because the ingredients contained in tea can stop bleeding, cardiac diuretic. Fu Lian also selected some soldiers to form a medical training class. He marched during the day, treatment, at night to the soldiers in the class, for the army to train a number of much-needed medical staff to ease the long march of the Red Army’s serious shortage of medical care. (Chen Chuchu, commissioning editor Wu Zhou) original title: the long march in Fujian Army: a series of flash name splendid Dai Jingyuan: "walk the long road)相关的主题文章: