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The Jiangsu twins abandoned pull deformity love father alleged bigamy jingfangxingju – Sohu news police will be twins hold back to the police station the child is to be found here, next to a storage box with baby supplies for Huaian Lianshui litchi twins abandoned a rainy night, pull out the abnormal love. The evening of September 28th, police said someone found a pair of twins in Lianshui County of Huaian City, a district. 29 PM police, the child’s parents have been found. On the night of two people after a quarrel, the child’s mother Zhang ran away from home, under the father Jiamou is a child. Police also learned that Jia actually had a family and a pair of children. On the evening of 29, Jiamou suspected of bigamy, Lianshui County Public Security Bureau of criminal detention. Correspondent from the strong ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter Zhang Haifeng evening of September 28th about 8:10, Huaian Jincheng County of Lianshui city a district police said someone, a pair of twins abandoned residential garage door, next to a red storage box, there are children clothing and baby supplies. Police rushed to the scene and found that two children about 6 months, wearing white clothes, no physical defects from the appearance, lively and lovely. It was windy and rainy, the police in the area around looking for no fruit, they brought back to the police station, and then handed over to the Lianshui county social welfare institute. Subsequently, the police launched an investigation visit work. 29 at noon, the modern express reporter rushed to the Lianshui County Jincheng door area, found the child’s garage. The residential building on the first floor there are a lot of garages, which also lived in a lot of people. The night before mentioned that child, the neighbors to be confirmed. It is understood that the child’s parents have been found, and the reason why the child was abandoned two quarrel. Modern Express reporter and alarm Mr. Jiang made contact. On the phone, he did not want to say, repeatedly told reporters and local police contact. The June twins night lying in the garage door on the afternoon of 29, the office staff of Lianshui County Social Welfare Institute told reporters: "yesterday evening, the children sent later, we arrange for someone to take care of. This morning, the child was taken to the hospital for a medical examination, in addition to a slight mild pneumonia, everything else is normal, and now the child is still in the orphanage, there are special care." Huaian City, Lianshui County Public Security Bureau to the modern express reporter, after the investigation confirmed that the father of twins is Jiamou thrown in front of friends, at present, Jiamou suspected of bigamy crime has been under criminal detention according to law. Originally, the 36 year old mother Zhang Jiamou and twins in a few years ago met, the two met shortly after. At that time, Jia has a family and a pair of children. Zhang is divorced, with a 6 year old daughter’s life. Last year, Zhang pregnant, two people living in Lianshui County housing. Soon after, Zhang gave birth to twins. But from the first half of this year, Zhang and Jiamou often because of a trivial quarrel, the night of September 28th, two people quarrel upgrade, Jiamou said to be twins away, Zhang angrily left home. After Jiamou 8 pm that night, children sent to the door is located in Jincheng district friend ginger相关的主题文章: