The insurance industry in Xiamen to do the work to deal with the typhoon

The insurance industry in Xiamen to do the work to deal with the typhoon "Meranti" early in the morning of September 15th, the fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" landing in Xiamen along the coast of Xiangan, causing serious impact on Xiamen. Xiamen Insurance Regulatory Bureau launched the emergency plan in the first time, asked the industry to do the typhoon "Meranti" to work, improve emergency response ability, and play the function of insurance services. At present, the various insurance companies in Xiamen have opened a green channel claims, to further simplify the reporting and settlement procedures, improve claims efficiency. Survey center in normal operation, to protect the vehicle damage. At present, the Xiamen Insurance Regulatory Bureau released data show that as of September 15th 20:00, Xiamen insurance company received a total of 23056 auto insurance report and estimation of the amount of 240 million yuan loss, non auto insurance report of 1427, the amount of estimated loss of 297 million yuan, 537 million yuan in total, there are no reports of casualties; life insurance company received 3 cases reported.   insurance companies: simplify claims procedures           according to the typhoon disaster insurance company, the first time to simplify claims procedures, improve the efficiency of claims. The insurance company has opened a special channel, disasters caused by typhoon priority acceptance and audit, at the same time for the 5000 yuan of pure car damage case, the customer can use WeChat or APP self claims, closing fast, real-time payment. The insurance company clear, disaster caused flooding and falling clear responsibility, the public can according to instructions to survey personnel after taking pictures taken immediately without waiting for rescue, survey personnel arrived at the scene.           for the loss of a clear claims cases, the public also need not provide weather proof material. Life insurance companies: disaster losses start to actively respond to the green channel claims caused by the typhoon, Xiamen life insurance company has launched emergency service plan, the establishment of the typhoon disaster "green channel claims", the establishment of emergency response working group, responsible for the claims following matters. At the same time, life insurance companies 24 hours a full range of public reporting, consultation.           at the same time, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission warned that the public due to major public emergencies caused by accidental death, disability, health care, insurance companies should take the initiative to advance compensation.           at the same time, life insurance companies cancel hospitals restrictions service, because of major public emergencies danger to people in the emergency treatment of emergency treatment period no longer limit the scope of the hospital.          相关的主题文章: