The implementation of principal responsibility system for campus food safety — finance and Economic iptd-651

The implementation of the principal of the school food safety responsibility system – Finance – People’s campus food safety problems, the principal will bear the responsibility, accountability. The city from now on the introduction of the main responsibility for food safety management on campus, the first implementation of food safety principal responsibility system. This morning, the city food and Drug Administration of the Affiliated High School of University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing Petroleum Institute affiliated primary school, China Agricultural University, east campus school cafeteria was checked. Reporters learned that this year, Haidian District will be the use of a new type of primary and secondary school canteens in all the surface cleanliness detector, tableware disinfection effect can be real-time detection. Municipal Food and drug administration secretary Cong Luoluo said that the spring and autumn season two is food safety accidents in high season, and is at the beginning of the new semester, the city food and Drug Administration will organize safety inspection of school canteens, school campus and the surrounding food operators all included in the scope of supervision and management. Deputy director of the city food and Drug Administration spokesman Tang Yunhua, the previous campus canteen problem in purchasing procurement, processing operations, personnel and other aspects of health, this requires the school to implement the main responsibility for the campus food safety management, food safety for the first time put forward the implementation of the responsibility system, clear security responsibilities of food safety management and the position of each. Signed letters of responsibility for food safety. School food safety problems, the principal will assume the main responsibility. In addition to the school cafeteria, students should also be the main unit of collective food safety responsibility, with full-time food safety management personnel. Food and drug administration departments will also strengthen the inspection of food stores around the campus, repeated sampling substandard small food, take the same batch of the same batch of the same batch of manufacturers and even the same region to suspend the purchase of food strict measures. (commissioning editor Qiao Xuefeng and Yang Xi)相关的主题文章: