The Great 3d Blu Rays For Your 3d

Humanities The Best 3D Blu Rays for your 3D HDTV Youve bought the 3D HDTV. Youve bought the 3D capable Blu Ray player. Youre even wearing the glasses. Now you only need one thing to enjoy your 3D HDTV movies! Of course, not just any movie will do. You need a movie with strong support for 3D which will really jump out at your when you watch it. This guide rounds up the three best 3D movies for 3D HDTVs which are currently on store shelves. Caroline Caroline is the story of a girl with a strained relationship with her family that causes her to desire a fantasy world in which her parents, and most everyone else, are happy to give in to Carolines wishes. This is a classic be careful what you wish for story which quickly creepy. Carolines animation is superb, and the style will undoubtedly bring up .parisons to Tim Burton movies such as The Night Before Christmas. The 3D version further enhances the creepy atmosphere and helps bring the animation to life. Sea Monsters 3-D It seems that informational programs are always on the cutting edge of video technology. One of the first examples of high definition video being brought to the home was Planet Earth, and now one of the first examples of 3D for the home is National Geographics Sea Monsters 3-D. This educational film explores the ocean 80 million years ago. This gives the film plenty of opportunity to thrill you with gigantic sea monsters which appear to be only a few inches away. Sea Monsters 3-D can be a little frightening for very young children, but otherwise is a great pick for the whole family. My Bloody Valentine 3-D A slasher film from 1981 seems like an unlikely candidate for a 3D remake, but here it is, displaying some of the best 3D effects of any movie currently available. My Bloody Valentine takes place in the town of Harmony, which is being terrorized by a murderer with an axe. Like all slasher films this is not one youll want to watch with children in the room. The 3D effects are created to further shock you with the films gore and violence. It is shallow, but shameless, and certainly a better pick than other recent gore driven films such as Final Destination. Few scenarios could be worse for buyers remorse than this: Youve just brought home your brand new HDTV, pulled it out of its packaging, and set it up on your stylish modern TV stand. Why doesnt it look as good as it did in the showroom? In fact, it doesnt even look as good as your ten-year-old junker. Doh! Once again, youve been duped by technology propaganda! Not so. The truth is, the picture quality is only as good as its sourcethat is, the signal .ing in. You cant blow your hard-won cash on a new spaceship and expect it to run on kerosene. But getting a good picture shouldnt cost an arm and a leg either. So dont fret. Youre just a hiccup away from Hi-Def bliss. The first thing you have to do is forget the standard TV hookup nonsense youve accumulated over the past 30-50 years. Running a basic cable line in isnt sufficient enough anymore. Youve got to run at least one or two more lines (and, in terms of through-the-air signal, upgrade your equipment). These days, different cables do different things, so all you have to do is get the right cable for the job. Sounds simple enough, right? Then why doesnt your standard cable or satellite installer give you the lowdown? Are they hording the information, too lazy to care, too ignorant, or just following procedure by offering you the crummiest equipment to cut corners on overhead? Beats me. But the fact is, its not un.mon for peoplelike YOUto be charged for a high quality signal only to be cut off at the knees by garbage (often outdated, used) equipment. Important note: You will only get an HD picture if you have an HD source, such as an HD satellite receiver or cable box, upscaling DVD player, or Blu-Ray or HD DVD player. When I say running a basic line isnt enough anymore Im not speaking of the line into the house from your satellite dish or your (outdoor) cable box. That line (as long as its the proper grade) is fine. No, Im speaking of the cable between your (indoor) cable box or satellite receiver to the HDTV. Here you have a couple options. Note: Ignore the inputs labeled digital coaxial and optical; those are for audio and have nothing to do with picture quality, and their corresponding wires are very expensive and pointless if youre not running a home theater, surround-sound system. The best quality and simplest option is something called an HDMI cable… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: