The golden week consumer market is booming in Taiyuan, the top 10 business enterprises in Taiyuan-tencent upd

Golden week market prosperous Taiyuan city 10 business sales of 141 million Taiyuan evening news (reporter Jia Shangzhi) yesterday, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce announced that during the long holiday, Wangfujing department store, Gome, meetall riverside, Tang long, lotus supermarket, liuweizhai restaurants and other 10 large business enterprises total sales of 141 million 847 thousand and 400 yuan, an increase of 9.1%. During the festival the meetall (Qian Feng shop) food sales grew 12.5%, 66.7% growth than usual, Tang Long supermarket of small food and beverage sales grew 16.8%, accounting for more than 60% of sales in the supermarket. Smart phone, energy saving refrigerator, tablet computer and other brand digital electronic products have become the favorite "favorite" of the festival, with a significant increase in sales. Gome’s (long wind shop) sales of smartphones rose 45% over the same period. Driven by factors such as holiday wedding consumption, gold price promotion and other factors, sales of gold and silver jewelry stores in front of all stores were significantly increased. Sales of gold jewelry in Wangfujing department store increased by 43% over the same period last year. During the festival, relatives and friends, family dinner party wedding banquet, catering and tourism public catering consumption effectively stimulating the catering market. The guests are full of guests, hot and lively atmosphere.

黄金周消费市场红火 太原市10大商企销售1.41亿   太原晚报讯 (记者贾尚志)昨日市商务局发布消息,长假期间,王府井百货、美特好滨河店、国美电器、唐久超市、六味斋、芙蓉酒楼等10户大型商贸企业累计销售14184.74万元,同比增长9.1%。   节日期间美特好(千峰店)食品类销售同比增长12.5%,比平时增长66.7%,唐久超市的小食品、酒水销售同比增长16.8%,占超市销售额的60%以上。   智能手机、节能冰箱、平板电脑等品牌数码电子产品成为节日热销的“宠儿”,销售额显著提升。国美电器(长风店)的智能手机销售额同比上涨45%。   在节日婚庆消费、金价促销等因素拉动下,各大商场金银珠宝品牌专柜前人头攒动,销售增长明显,王府井百货在节日期间的黄金珠宝类销售额同比增长43%。   节日期间家庭聚餐、亲友聚会、婚庆喜宴、旅游餐饮等大众餐饮消费有力地拉动了餐饮市场。特色餐饮、老字号和大众餐饮酒店宾客满座,人气火爆,气氛热闹。相关的主题文章: