The GAC trumpchi ga8 atmosphere and

The GAC trumpchi GA8 atmosphere and connotation of current domestic high-end car market, basically is a joint venture or imported cars in the world, there seems to be no independent brand what thing, after all they are present in the high-end car in the field of recognition is relatively low. However, since the implementation of the official car after the new deal, it creates an opportunity for their own brands. The GAC trumpchi GA8 can be said to be directed to such an opportunity, they are targeted at the official car market. As a flagship model, GA8 can be said to be a collection of its latest technology, including a new platform, new power and a variety of high-tech configuration. Appearance: calm atmosphere of tolerance as the flagship model, at the beginning of the design of the GA8 is to create a stable atmosphere a flagship should tolerance. From the point of view of the real car, GA8 did, larger grille, headlights, and sense of the strong body, give the vehicle is a steady and calm momentum, is consistent with its location. Love friends can read us a detailed look at the GAC trumpchi GA8. The interior materials under this configuration is quite rich interior, GA8 is still the continuation of the horizontal stacked trumpchi family control layout, extending laterally through the full curve to create a calm and calm manner. Suspension control of a large screen, exquisite wood trim and chrome trim embellishment right, highlighting the flagship models due to the noble temperament. As the four edition, the rear comfort configuration is quite comprehensive. After the discharge outlet is naturally essential, it is worth mentioning that with models provide three independent air conditioning. In addition, the outlet also uses the piano paint panel, and chrome trim edge, a senior sense is in place. The rear armrest box is also equipped with a refrigerator, hot summer a cup of cold drink is very pleasant. Of course, this is a configuration option, even if the top model is the same. Space: take the abundant abundant storage space and power: wind power business smooth and steady, the first listed GA8 equipped with 2.0T turbocharged engine (the latter will increase 1.8T models, the 2.0T engine) debut, dynamic performance is looking forward to. It is worth mentioning that this collection of GCCS engine combustion control, low inertia E-Turbo turbo, DCVVT double continuous variable valve timing technology, the maximum power of 145kW 5200rpm, 1600-4500 in turn broke out in 300N· the maximum torque of M, the parameters reached the mainstream level. In addition, 2.0T models all standard engine start stop technology. The gearbox, with a new generation of Aisin 6 speed manual gearbox, equipped with ECO, economic movement and manual three models. Summary: from the perspective of product models, trumpchi GA8 overall performance worthy of recognition. First of all, GA8 regards the elements of this location are done quite a place, such as atmospheric poise appearance, luxurious interior, rich configuration and so on, especially the rear ride comfort performance is quite good. It is worth mentioning that the positive research and development of the chassis as well as the power matching to match the higher.相关的主题文章: