The fourth quarter of the variety show you see presbyopia Carina Lau Tony Leung on a variety

The fourth quarter of the variety show you see presbyopia   Carina Lau Tony Leung on a variety of " " family; – entertainment channel — original title: fourth quarter variety show to let you see Wong Kar Wai and Tony Leung Carina Lau presbyopia of this phenomenal variety of heat is difficult to continue, "The Voice of China" "Daddy where to go to" make only superficial changes, become as the network ensemble, while people sigh variety no longer, from the fourth quarter variety resources, again an interest in Tony Leung, Wong Kar Wai announced to join the reality show "time" the ferryman; delicacy and adventure, rich and colorful music; Fu Yuanhui, Zhang Jike, Sun Yang and other sports stars to resident…… I do not know which file will become a new burst of money? Variety insulation have come only unexpected, no less than. Even Tony Leung and Wong Kar Wai to participate in a reality show, really can not think of who will not please out. But can not see the literary men of God in the variety wife playing hi just itching, this file by Wong Kar Wai served as producer of the "time" is likely to be the ferryman, "the ferryman" their film offbeat propaganda strategy. Has always been a variety of programs set by the variety of big movie, and this time the film from the reality show, for movies and variety is a new play. According to the Jiangsu satellite TV revealed that the program will set the star in another time and space of the living conditions and tasks, the stars need to complete the task in the process of experience. The same high profile reality show is not too much, as well as joining the first grade graduation season Chen Jianbin. Program group revealed that, instead of considering Chen Jianbin’s teaching ability, as well as in their ability to withstand nieyibahan, "last year’s Huang Zhizhong teacher too severely, this year’s students in the teacher’s teaching experience of Chen, Huang Zhizhong said the teacher is simply Chi teachers!" It is also low-key and Aaron Kwok, Sun Yang, Wang Dalu, China, Hu Haiquan, a Zhejiang TV "our seventeen year old" resident guests on the show, return to the age of seventeen. Star group dinner for big coffee variety in this delicacy star suddenly ushered in the outbreak, the fourth quarter continue to be overweight in number. In Ma Dong’s "dinner", Carina Lau also in Beijing satellite TV "feast", and star chef Cai Hao and star friends talk about life and delicacy. Carina Lau’s lineup of guests should be worth looking forward to, it is said that Zhou Runfa, Daniel Wu, Zhang Yimou, Stephen Chow, Jiang Wen and other heavyweight big coffee will join. Xu Zheng will lead the friends in the "food" in the way? Looking for hidden in the folk delicious, resident guests have been identified by Song Xiaobao and Guan Xiaotong, are being approached by the star Zhao Wei and Xun Zhou, Gao Xiaosong, Wowkie Zhang etc.. Huang Lei, He Jiong and Henry () is living in a residential suburb of Beijing courtyard, self-sufficiency, with food entertain star friends, lived a life of longing. Music competition is still fierce in all types of variety shows, music is the most vitality, experienced master duel, human war, and the king met and the tone deaf movie star cross, the fourth quarter, still not music show figure. Zhejiang satellite TV "sound of war", "Jiangsu satellite TV" better sound, Oriental TV "Teana" Battle Gear sound)相关的主题文章: