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The first virtual reality summit held soon 7 shares or the rise of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu it is reported that the first virtual reality and augmented reality China global summit will be held on September 7th to 8 held in Shanghai. In this regard, analysts said, virtual reality and augmented reality as a cutting-edge industry field in China Computer Science and technology, also frequently stand plate gainers, while the summit or to related stocks brings a new opportunity to rise. From the point of view of the development of the industry, a report of the digital analysis company Digi-Capital pointed out that the total valuation of the VR AR industry in 2020 will reach $120 billion. It is estimated that by 2020, the global annual sales of VR equipment will reach about 40 million units. In 2016, the major brands will be released in the consumer version of the product, content producers will quickly follow up, the related technology can be widely applied in various fields of games, entertainment, medical, industrial, aerospace, defense, education, hardware and software development work more and more developers have focused on Virtual Reality Technology, a large outbreak so in 2016 or will usher in the VR of the AR industry, industry chain related companies will significantly benefit. It is in the industry a good market prospects, the number of listed companies also increased the distribution in this area, Kawashio Zhisheng disclosure shows the new virtual reality products in the "digital Theatre" has achieved sales; virtual reality product development such as time and space vehicles, VR science classrooms also nearing completion. Hanson mobile 2016 April announcement that the company intends to use its own funds of $22 million 700 thousand to buy a stake in VRC, after the completion of the transaction, the company will become the largest shareholder of VRC VRC, is a virtual reality content of the creation of outstanding enterprises, to focus on creating a story driven VR content, is to become the world’s VR paid for content providers. Investment strategy, Sealand Securities said, firmly optimistic about the second half of the VR industry, products will be landing and targets between target differentiation, optimistic about the "incremental" companies, high-quality VR channels, platforms and content companies, maintain industry "recommend" rating. A key recommendation: SKYWORTH (digital family game market has great potential, Shun network technology (VR) Internet cafes began to fall, palm shares (VR) theme park are landing, and VR combined with the early childhood), south of the Five Ridges Garden (VR theme park are landing (VR AR), Legg Mason culture two dimensional product), Hanson mobile (if the virtual reality company completed investment in the United States will be the VR contents in the field of quality targets), storm group (mobile VR platform company). The market performance from these institutions optimistic about the 7 leading stocks during the month, south of the Five Ridges Gardens, palm shares, storm group, Legg Mason cultural and Shun network technology such as 5 a stocks are outperforming the market (stock index rose 3.04% during the month cumulative increase), respectively: 11.02%, 9.04%, 8.61%, 7.13% and 5.99%, among them, Legg Mason culture by the number of institutions Focus on good, nearly 30 days, the number of institutions to buy rating相关的主题文章: