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The first high iron will break the bottleneck of the development in the Pearl River Delta into the living area – Beijing, China News Agency, Maoming, September 24 (Liang Shengliang Jingjing) twenty-five Bureau of China Railway Group, the relevant person in charge of construction Shenmao railway Li? 24 said, "Shenmao railway Maoming section T erection exceeded 1000 mark, at present. Frame beam team 24 hours shifts, for in August next year will Maoming period 54 bridges erected, Guangdong people realize the high-speed rail dream point the day and await for it. In Yangjiang, Maoming and Zhanjiang three cities, "Shenmao Railway" is Guangdong Province’s first built in high-speed rail. Maoming City Department of transportation official said, although the Yuexi has already entered the era of high speed, but at present only a highway leading to the Pearl River Delta, the holidays will be blocked, even the normal traffic flow can not meet. Seemingly close to the Pearl River Delta, round trip to spend a day or longer, affected by the factors, Yuexi area has been unable to the Pearl River Delta into the circle of life. Liang Yuhuai went out to live and work in Guangzhou for nearly 10 years, comes back home from Guangzhou Maoming Road, he would complain. Liang Yuhuai said that both parents living in his home, he was a year to run frequently in the two places. Holiday travel, starting from Guangzhou in the morning, arrived at home is already in the evening. If the train tickets, tickets are normal, even non holidays, let a person have a headache. Engaged in tourism industry Liang Yuhuai told reporters that the rich tourism resources in western region, but due to traffic congestion, many tourist attractions can not be developed. At the same time, human resource rich western region, is also subject to blocking traffic, is not conducive to the Pearl River Delta industrial transfer, is not conducive to promote the economic development in Western guangdong. Engaged in the real estate business in Maoming, the CPPCC Standing Committee Wu Lianghai said, highway or high-speed railway worth mentioning, to get rich, first road, the road to the top of the road, the people’s Republic of China in Shenzhen. In three the city is a big agricultural city, inconvenience to traffic, logistics infarction, many agricultural products not the first time the delivery of the overseas market, the economic losses caused by the immeasurable. In addition, Shenmao high iron after the vote, Guangdong people go in the morning to drink a morning tea in Guangzhou, Guangzhou after work Yuexi seafood, it is no longer a problem." "Shenmao Railway" is Chinese "eight horizontal and eight vertical high-speed rail network the first vertical, coastal channel is an important part of the Pearl River Delta, is also connected with the West and Hainan in the direction of the first high-speed railway. The Tiedong of Shenzhen, via Dongguan, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Yangjiang, West to Maoming, the line length of 388 km, Jiangmen to Maoming, Shenzhen to Jiangmen section of two building is expected to be completed and commissioned in 2018. (end)相关的主题文章: