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The first grade primary school children and parents should not be so tired parents need to read it the problem of children’s education, always affects countless hearts of parents. Yesterday Express reported "on the three or four day a lot of primary school new parents tired", parents Tucao: "we spent three days, let us come back with a lot of things, whether children or adults to read books?" There are also parents exclamation: "the child begins to learn, the family life is speeding up, busy and busy, time is not enough to use." This topic is rising rapidly on the Internet. The click of the official was more than 100 thousand in 2 hours. As of 9 last night, the number of clicks was nearly 300 thousand. The people’s daily, the southern metropolis newspaper and other official WeChat, and the big portal websites are also reprinted, "primary grade, children and parents want to be so tired?" "Children, parents need to read?" "Why are parents so anxious?" "Who can understand the hard work of the teacher?" "Which part of education has a problem?"… All kinds of topics are hot on the Internet. Hot friends look at the discussion of the various views, very fierce collision — Liu Yang: my child is the third grade, the school work is OK, not so scary, but the parents did not adapt to it, is to learn the light class can be completed? And the habit of reviewing preview after school is prepared to be retrained in university? Believe me, I didn’t get a good habit in grade one or two, and you knew that you had a headache in the second rebellious period of grade three. Li Peijie: think before you read the primary school, parents are only responsible for signing homework and papers, and now many parents came home from work but also play a role, accompanying children tutors…… Color: reality is filled with my kids to read, read with parents! Do you have a second child? Think about it carefully! Now reading is the time to spell father and mother. Qiao Ping: a good life of horror. Is there a time for children to think about them? The DI: article is all the truth. I’m a five – grade parent! Nine girl: there’s a feeling of suffocation, though I’ve been working for a long time. Siyang: poor parents, no wonder my mother yesterday said the children in this life to debt. Captin: let the parents repeat the primary school again. Sarah: after a whole year, as a parent, I adapted to the rules of the school. If this is a new way of educational reform, I believe that one day such rules will be changed. Wait and see. Ming Yuan: after being a teacher, it was not easy to find out how hard the teacher was. He got up at 6 at the beginning of the school and came out of the office at 11 o’clock in the evening. Of course, it did not exclude my lack of experience. No – Zi: the first famous teacher, said it had collapsed…… In addition to the most important part of the school, there are many schools’ archives work in minutes to break down. I slept at one o’clock last night and got up at half past five today. MISS Tsai: it’s very normal, of course, the primary school is mainly parental education. My present elementary school four grade, is precisely because in the lower grade to develop the good habit, now can only emancipate the parents! LAL: I hope the teacher’s point of view also wrote an essay like this, in fact, education is not simple, the parents responsible for a two child, the teacher is responsible for more than 50 children, and every child is the treasure of every family, parents do not match the teaching fundamental can not be carried out, especially low grade students. Ding: when can you get rid of this kind of education, don’t spray people, really think it’s necessary, the primary school is so pressure. Ruomu: no previous smart mobile phone, no WeChat, no parents, good! Yu Ting: don’t say that parents are hard. First grade teachers get up at six in the morning and work overtime every day to 11 o’clock in the evening. More than 50 children to teach and write, parents one to one teaching is the best, can not expect a teacher to teach fifty students? It can only be said that education is both about family education and school education. Don’t always think that throwing children away from school is the teacher’s job. It’s a very irresponsible idea. What did the people say? Readers Ms. Mao yesterday with letters, she said: "many of the details of the reports, the year is my child and I lived the child after school every day, my nerves are highly strained, with soldiers rushed to the battlefield, not even the busy time on the toilet. My child is now in grade five, and has adapted a lot to the new school stage. I want to share with parents, children reading, lack of parents’ patience, like children learn to walk, parents need to accompany all the time. The child is reading this matter, the parent except slowly stays up, nothing to complain well. We interviewed a lot of "people coming in", a primary school five grade parents said: "the new parents are really not too anxious, they will be better. My son just read the primary school, I read every day. For his attention, he watched the news on his cell phone during the day and watched him do his homework at night. Jump rope, people jump 150 in 1 minutes, the son jumped 90, even when our adults were anxious to sleep every day. Now look back, to a certain time, everyone will reach a certain level, but the speed is just fast. Now his son read the fifth grade, rope skipping can jump 170 to 1 minutes, I often take the first class two, learning habits is also good, don’t worry about me." A father said, "in the parent group, there is often such a statement. Primary school depends on parents, junior high school teachers, high school by themselves." Parents who are really responsible for their children should believe that their children are capable. My daughter is in high school now, a child is not easy, when the primary school just school, the home is often tense. The daughter moves slowly, the mother asks high, often the child writes a line of phonetic alphabet, mother sees write crooked, request the whole line to wipe off, rewrite. When the two or three lines are not good, they are torn out directly. The child crying into tears, her mother was too angry to have a headache. Later, I see no, become my homework, change attitude, the daughter accepted, and then slowly better. The parents can’t worry about it. A father told us about his son’s experience of learning Pinyin when he was in his first grade. He said that the family was very anxious and calm. His son is in grade two this year. The children are free and open to their children, and they are restocked, so there is no early study before primary school. In the kindergarten class, all the students in the class were discussing the connecting class of young and young. I heard that everyone was on, and we had a feeling. But he asked very little for him, and at the end of the course, the letters of the children were not fully recognized, and we didn’t care too much. Start school, and learn phonetic alphabet right away. Every day to learn a few phonetic alphabets, not only to require "B, P, m, F" to write out, but also to spell, similar to "g, u, ang, Guang". It’s too difficult. Today, I have not learned yet, and learn new tomorrow. There is no chance to breathe. At this time, some children who have studied Pinyin seriously in the class have obvious advantages. We feel that it is difficult for teachers to assign homework. One is the possibility of teaching requirements. Two, there are many students who have learned in class, and teachers do not consider all children in accordance with the zero basis. For more than half a month, you have to get 11 o’clock every day to finish it. During this process, the child was basically spent by tears and snot. I was anxious to get up with my mother and sometimes I had to beat and scold a few sentences. The whole family was anxious. It was not known when the child was able to learn to spell the phonetic alphabet. In fact, the child needs a process. The day that can Pinyin suddenly comes. I was very impressed with my son going out one afternoon after learning the phonetic alphabet. In the two hours on the car, the son can spell out everything that is seen, red light, green light, car, police, tall building… His mother gave him a test, and all his sons would. At that time, he was afraid that he was slow in learning the phonetic alphabet, and that he would fall behind, but it was not so serious at all. Now think back, all children will master Pinyin, but lagging behind is just a process of gradual accumulation. My child is slower than others at the beginning, so I don’t need to worry at all. On the same day, when I came home, I had my son spelling the scenery on the way. Although there were still some problems, I was calm in mind, knowing that he would learn, maybe this process was slow. The growth of a child is a slow natural process like the growth of a plant. It is not because of your anxiety that they will speed up their growth. So, take it with your children and grow up slowly. Why should parents cooperate with their children’s homework? There is a problem, the online discussion is very intense. "Is it necessary for children to go to school, do homework, and why parents need to cooperate so much?" We interviewed teachers from several public and private schools in Hangzhou. Several teachers have analyzed that there are some homework for parents to participate in, it is really important. For example, parent-child reading occupies a large part of the parents’ homework, regardless of public or private, almost all schools have this content. This year, the first grade of primary school has started the new language teaching material. For the first time, textbooks have been set up for parent-child reading. For example, parents’ vocabulary and other Chinese literacy can give children a lot of positive effects and enhance their affection. The teacher suggested that the parents read 20-30 minutes a day, divided into two periods, the first half of the parents read the children, and the second half of the children read their parents. There are also records, video assignments, new learning texts, children’s mastery and unclear pronunciation, etc. teachers should see the rhythm and progress of follow-up class according to the collective mastery. For example, came to the school to learn pinyin, which is heavy and difficult. Many schools require children to recordings the phonetic alphabet to the teacher, and if the pronunciation is wrong, it will directly affect the literacy. "Most teachers arrange this kind of meticulous homework because most of the first grade children are oral homework, it is difficult to check. It is also an incentive to send to the group. " A primary school teacher said that the suggestion teacher can upload the video of his children’s song to the parent group, let parents have a reference, more reassuring. A teacher who has been working for nearly 30 years said, "the homework is so large that the workload of the parents is big and the teacher’s workload is even greater." I had a similar assignment, but I didn’t really want to. One night with a mobile phone in response, the daughter in the bath, my cell phone has to be put on the toilet, afraid to reply late, parents worried. But I eat this bitter, is to participate in the early stages of children’s learning, in this stage, some learning habits are very important. There are many voices in this. There is a mother, also a teacher, 13 years of teaching age, son reading grade two. She said, he is not so homework: "parents to participate in the work, there is a limit to the parents to read, learning should be the protagonist of his children. Everything is done for children, and the low grade of primary school may be a little helpful. But then, can you live for a child? If children do not adapt to the society after entering the society, they will be vulnerable when facing difficulties. They will not only thank their parents for what they have done for themselves, but they will blame their parents. What is the most important thing the parents should pay attention to at the early stage of school? There are many teachers in charge of a class. They say that generally speaking, school is difficult for parents and children to adapt to the pace of school. They are basically not accustomed to learning. And the teacher said, "now many parents of primary school freshmen are very anxious. After school, they are busy sending their children to all kinds of interest classes, so they are afraid of falling behind at the starting line, but actually they are in the wrong direction. At this stage, parents should pay much attention to children’s life and study habits. Good habits can create people’s learning ability, which will affect how far children can go. A class teacher said, "some children in one or two grades are good, but to the three or four grade development is not strong, I went to the home visit to find the reason. There was a boy who had a good grade. Grandma peeled the orange, cleaned the white line outside the orange flap, and stuffed it into his mouth. The child just started to get good grades, but later it became weaker and weaker. The reason is very simple. Children who can’t take care of themselves can’t learn independently. Teachers remind, must pay attention to the children’s living habits. Because of the habit of living and the ability to live, it will gradually move to the learning habits and learning ability. The primary cultivation is the child’s concept of time, the principle of doing things, and so on. For example, things have to be put back in place, and there is a habit of sorting. The children who have done well in this respect will not be in a muddled mind. They are slowly organized and logical. When you grow up, you will also have a plan for the use of time. Such children, in the same age, are the people who lead others. To say how to do it, every parent can start from the simplest. To eat, to the point of the meal, sitting at a table to eat, not eating while watching TV, do not run, focus on eating, can focus on other things; to play a good toy back, optimistic book. Learn to organize their own things, when the class teacher said, come up with Chinese book, know to find out from the bag, rather than looking dazed; learn to plan their own time, for example, eat a good meal to go out for a walk, ride a bike, come back to eat fruit, rest, wash, go to bed, reading. Parents can start to arrange, and the back will be gradually abdicated, giving the child to do it himself. Want to know the latest information on education, ask for educational confusion, share educational experience and experience? Pay attention to Sina micro-blog @ Sina education in Zhejiang, reflect your demands and discoveries, or pay attention to the public number: education information zj_edu, or join the Sina Zhejiang parents’ Association, official interaction QQ group: 62210056. For more information on overseas students, please join the group QQ group QQ in Zhejiang: 280980058. More information, please sweep the two-dimensional code of Zhejiang education information 小学一年级孩子和家长要不要这么累 家长需要陪读吗   孩子的教育问题,总能牵动无数家长的心。昨天快报报道了《开学三四天很多小学新生家长累翻了》 ,有家长吐槽:“我们上了三天课,回来让我们配合的事情一大堆,到底是小孩读书还是大人读书?”还有家长感叹:“孩子一开学,家庭生活全面提速,忙得手忙脚乱,时间根本不够用。”   这个话题,在网络迅速升温。快报官微的点击量,2小时就超过10万,截至昨晚9点,点击量将近30万。人民日报、南方都市报等官方微信、各大门户网站也纷纷转载,“小学一年级,孩子和家长要不要这么累?”“孩子读书,家长需要陪读吗?”“家长为什么这么焦虑?”“老师的辛苦谁能理解?”“教育哪个环节出问题了?”……各种各样的话题在网上热议。   网友热议   先来看看网友的讨论,各种观点碰撞非常激烈――   刘扬:我的孩子三年级了,学校的作业还好,没有这么恐怖,只是家长没有适应而已,还在要学的东西光上课就能完成吗?而且小学不养成课后复习预习的习惯准备到大学再培养?相信我,一二年级没养成好习惯的,三年级孩子第二个叛逆期你们就知道头疼了。   李佩洁:想想以前自己读小学的时候,爸妈只负责作业和试卷签字,而现在许多家长下班回家却还要扮演孩子课外辅导员、陪读的角色……   盈我色:现实是孩子读书,家长陪读!还是要生二胎?慎重考虑啊!现在读书就是拼爹拼妈的时代。   巧萍:好恐怖的生活,孩子还有自己思考的时间吗?   DI:文章里说的都是事实,我是一位五年级的家长!   九姑娘:看完有种窒息的感觉,虽然我已工作很久了。   思杨:可怜天下父母心,怪不得我妈昨天说子女这辈子都是来要债的。   Captin:又让家长重读一遍小学。   Sarah:经历了整整一年,作为家长我才适应了学校的规则,如果说这是教育改革的新方式,我相信终有一天这样的规则会被改变,拭目以待吧。   明媛:真正做了老师之后才发现老师有多么不容易,开学到现在基本都6点起床,晚上11点从办公室出来,当然这个不排除是因为我经验不足。   知名不具―滋:初一班主任,表示已累垮……除了课业最主要的还有许多学校的什么档案工作分分钟要崩溃的节奏……昨晚一点钟睡,今天五点半起来了。   MISS蔡:很正常啊,小学阶段当然是以家长教育为主啦!我家的现在小学四年级,正是因为在低年级养成良好的习惯,现在才能够解放家长啊!   LAL:我希望能以老师的角度也写一篇这样的文章,其实教育本来就不简单,家长负责的是一个两个孩子,老师负责的是50多个小孩,而每个孩子都是每一个家庭的宝,家长不配合教学根本无法开展,特别是低年级段的学生。   丁度:啥时候能摆脱这样的教育,不是喷人,真的是觉得有必要吗,小学就这么大压力。   若木:以前没有智能手机,没微信,没有家长群,多好!   雨婷:别说家长辛苦,一年级老师早上六点起床天天加班到晚上11点。50多个孩子教写字,家长一对一教是效果最好的,不可能指望一个老师对五十个学生教得面面俱到吧?只能说教育本来就是兼顾家庭教育和学校教育两者的,别总想着把孩子扔学校教育就是老师的事了,这是很不负责的想法。   过来人怎么说?   读者毛女士昨天联系快报,她说:“快报报道的很多细节,就是当年我和孩子一起经历过的,每天孩子一放学,我的神经就高度紧张,就跟士兵冲向战场一样,忙的时候连上厕所的时间都没有。我的孩子现在读五年级了,跟刚入学阶段相比,已经适应很多。我想跟家长们分享一下,孩子读书,缺不了家长的耐心陪伴,就像孩子学走路,家长需要全程陪伴。孩子读书这个事,家长除了慢慢熬,没什么好抱怨的。”   我们采访了很多“过来人”,一位小学五年级的家长说:“新生家长真的不要太焦虑,都会好起来的。我家儿子刚读小学时,我天天陪读。对他的关注度,白天在手机上看群消息,晚上就是看他做作业。跳绳,人家1分钟跳150个,儿子才跳90个,当时连我们大人每天都焦虑得睡不着。现在回头看看,到一定的时候,大家都会达到一定的水平,只是速度有快慢而已。现在儿子读五年级,跳绳1分钟能跳170个,口算经常拿全班第一二名,学习习惯还不错,基本不要我操心。”   一位爸爸说:“家长群里,常有这样的说法,小学靠家长,初中靠老师,高中靠自己。真正对孩子负责的父母,应该相信孩子自己有能力。我的女儿现在读高中,小时候也不轻松,当时小学刚入学,家里也常常是剑拔弩张。女儿动作慢,妈妈要求高,时常孩子写好一行拼音,妈妈一看写歪了,就要求整行擦掉,重新写。碰到两三行写不好,直接撕掉。孩子哭成泪人,妈妈气得头疼。后来,我看不行,变成我辅导作业,换种态度,女儿接受了,以后也慢慢好起来。孩子读书这个事情,父母真的不能急。”   有一位爸爸,向我们讲述了儿子读一年级时学拼音的经历,说全家从焦灼到坦然,说得特别好――   儿子今年读二年级。家里对孩子是比较自由、开放的,算是放养,所以小学前基本没有提前学。   幼儿园大班时,班里同学都在讨论上幼小衔接班。听说大家都上,我们也去感受了一下。但是对他要求很少,课程结束,孩子字母都认不全,我们也没有太在意。   开学了,马上学拼音。每天都要学好几个拼音字母,不仅要求把“b、p、m、f”写出来,还要会拼,类似“g、u、ang,guang”。难度太大了。   今天的还没学会,明天又学新的了,基本没有喘息的机会。这个时候,班上一些认真学过拼音的孩子,优势很明显。我们感觉老师布置作业难度较大,一是可能教学要求如此,二是班里学过的同学多,老师布置时也没有全部按照零基础的孩子来考虑。   前后半个多月,每天都要弄到晚上11点,才能完成。这个过程中,孩子基本上是眼泪一把鼻涕一把度过的,我和孩子妈妈急起来,有时还要打骂几句,整个家里都是焦灼的状态。   当时不知道孩子什么时候才能学会拼音。其实,孩子需要一个过程。会拼音的这一天,突然降临。   学完拼音的某一天下午,带儿子出门,我印象特别深。坐在车上的两小时里,儿子能把所有看到的东西都拼出来,红灯、绿灯、汽车、警察、高楼……妈妈出题考他,儿子全部都会。   当时担心他拼音学得慢,会越来越落后,其实根本没这么严重。现在回头想想,所有孩子都会掌握拼音,落后不过是个慢慢积累的过程,我的孩子只是比别人开始的时候慢一些而已,完全不用着急。   那天回到家,让儿子拼写路上看到的景物,虽然还有点问题,但我心里也坦然了,知道他总会学会的,可能这个过程慢一些。   孩子的成长和植物的成长一样,是个缓慢的自然过程,并不会因为你着急,他们就加快成长的速度。所以,那就和孩子一起接受,慢慢成长。   孩子作业 为什么要让家长配合?   有一个问题,网上讨论非常激烈,“孩子上学、写作业,为什么学校要让家长做那么多配合,有没有必要?”   我们采访了杭州几所公办、民办学校的老师。几位老师分析了,有一些作业要家长参与,确实有一定重要性。   比如,亲子阅读在家长作业中占很大部分,不管公办、民办,几乎所有学校都有这项内容。今年,小学一年级启用语文新教材,课本首次设立亲子阅读板块,家长的词汇量等语文素养,通过共同阅读,可以给孩子不少正面影响,还能增进亲子感情。有老师建议,每天20-30分钟亲子阅读,分成两个时间段,前半段家长读孩子听,后半段孩子读家长听。   还有录音、视频作业,新学的课文,孩子掌握情况如何、发音清不清楚等,老师都要看,根据集体掌握情况好坏安排后续上课节奏和进度。比如刚进校学拼音时,这是重难点。不少学校要求孩子把拼音录音发给老师,如果发音有错误,会直接影响之后的识字。   “多数老师布置这种细致的作业,是因为一年级孩子多是口头作业,很难检查。发到群里,互相也是一个激励。”一位小学老师说,建议老师可以把自己读儿歌的视频上传到家长群,让家长们有个参考,比较放心。   一位教龄近30年的老师说:“这么布置作业,家长的工作量大,其实老师的工作量更大。我也布置过类似作业,但其实我根本不想。一晚上拿着手机都在回复,女儿在洗澡,我手机还得放在马桶上,生怕回复晚了,家长着急。但我吃这种苦,就是要参与到孩子学习初期的各阶段,在这个阶段里,一些学习习惯的养成,非常重要。”   这其中,反对的声音也很多。   有位妈妈,也是老师,教龄13年,儿子读二年级。她说,自己是不会这么布置作业的:“家长参与作业、家长陪读是有限度的,学习的主角应该是孩子自己。什么都替孩子包办,小学低段可能还有些帮助。但是接下来,你能替孩子生活吗?如果孩子进入社会后不适应社会,面对困境时不堪一击,不仅不会感谢父母当时为自己付出的一切,反而会指责父母。”   孩子上学初期 家长最应重视的是什么?   有很多班主任说,一般开学难以适应学校节奏的家长和孩子,不是因为学业零起点,基本上都是习惯没养好的。   还有老师说,“现在很多小学新生家长非常焦虑,放学后忙着把孩子送各种兴趣班,就怕落后在起跑线上,其实方向错了。这个阶段,家长最应该重视的是孩子的生活、学习习惯,好习惯才能造就过人的学习能力,才会影响孩子到底能走多远。”   一位班主任说,“有的孩子一二年级成绩都不错,但到了三四年级发展没后劲,我去家访才发现原因。有一个男孩成绩平时不错,奶奶剥桔子,把桔瓣外的白线都清理好,塞到他嘴里。这个孩子刚开始成绩是不错,后来优势越来越弱,道理很简单,生活不能自理的孩子,自主学习的能力也很弱。”   有老师提醒,一定要重视孩子的生活习惯。因为生活习惯、生活能力,都会逐渐迁移到学习习惯和学习能力上。首要培养的,就是孩子的时间观念,做事的条理性等。比如,东西用好放回原位,有整理的习惯。在这方面行为做得好的孩子,思维也不会乱七八糟,慢慢有了条理,有了逻辑性。慢慢长大,也会对时间的利用有规划。这样的孩子,在同龄人中就是引领别人的人。   具体要说怎么做,每位家长可以从最简单的开始。   吃饭,到了饭点,坐在餐桌旁吃饭,不要边看电视边吃,不要跑来跑去,专注地吃完,也能在其他事情上有专注力;   玩好的玩具放回去,看好的书摆好,学会整理自己的东西,上课时老师说,拿出语文书,知道从书包里找出来,而不是目光茫然;   学会规划自己的时间,比如吃好饭出门散散步、骑骑车,回来吃吃水果,休息一下,洗一洗,上床,读读书。   家长开始可以安排,后面要渐渐退位,让给孩子自己去做。     想要了解最新教育资讯,请教教育困惑、分享教育经验与心得吗?那就关注新浪微博@新浪浙江教育,反映你的诉求和发现;或关注公众号:教育资讯一点通(zj_edu);或加入新浪浙江家长会,官方互动QQ群:62210056。了解更多留学资讯,请加入新浪浙江留学帮帮团qq群:280980058。 更多资讯请扫二维码 浙江教育资讯一点通相关的主题文章: